Shinjuku Mad

Shinjuku Mad

A salesman is looking in the city of Tokyo for his lost son. But he becomes increasingly angry at the young and radical hippies, who are not the least helpful.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:65 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sex,  

A man comes to Tokyo from the countryside looking for his son's killer. He discovers the slow pace of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Courtney B (it) wrote: Raw and real. Funny take on a girls night out with an up-to-the-minute cast and soundtrack.

Janne M (es) wrote: Very hardly a Children of the Corn -movie. For stand alone movie, it's relatively ok... But it's very annoying how Stephen King is stil connected to this crap! This has nothing to do with his Children of the Corn.Billy Drago was good in leading role though...

Gary M (nl) wrote: Seemed to be very boring. No real comedy. They tried to add comedy but i never got any laughs out of it.

Lee M (ag) wrote: The sort of film critics drool over, but may not resonate with fans outside the genre.

Stephen C (fr) wrote: This movie turned my life around

David J (au) wrote: Sam Raimi's vigilante flick, "Darkman," is undeniably cheesy and absurd. It's a trainwreck, but an entertaining one, nonetheless.

Amanda C (it) wrote: A fast paced thriller with that takes the time to give us a look into the day to day life of the assassin known as Nikita. It looks fantastic, with beautiful cinematography and some great imagery from the mind of Luc Besson. The acton sequences are visceral and brutal, with none of the gloss that is usually associated with the action blockbuster. Nikita is beautiful and brutalized in some kind of strange allegory for women and their bodies. Nikita more than just a simple action film.

Jonathan B (nl) wrote: The film is very intense and quite brutal. The documentary feel is used to the best of it's abilities. Though it feels like a half an hour film stretched out to 80 minutes and it's very much a movie made for the late 1960's and doesnt have much ressonence today. It does have a great last 30 minutes or so which is done brilliantly

Nicholas R (ca) wrote: One of my favorite Godzilla films! Almost all of the famous Toho monsters come together to fight King Ghidorah, and it's epic! The special effects are great, and the acting is pretty good. The final battle is epic. This was origially supposed to be the finale, and if it had been, it would have been a great way to go out!

Benjamin F (de) wrote: Too silly, too frantic, too weird.