This is a historical drama about a small village that is troubled by a band of shinobi. But some of the villagers are harboring secrets of their own.

A hidden Ninja village exists deep in the mountain. OKOU who was raised as a lady Ninja is ordered a secret mission by the patriarch.. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shinobidô torrent reviews

Liam C (jp) wrote: Beautiful, charming, and undeniably clever, Ruby Sparks takes the Romantic Comedy (Sci-Fi?) genre and entrances the viewer with every waking minute that passes.

Andrea E (gb) wrote: I had never heard of Francesca Woodman but watched this because of my interest in the "artistic temperament." The filmmakers clearly regard her as a genius and I too found her work beautiful and provocative. What was fascinating about the film was the painful honesty of her family who share ambivalent feelings about her life and posthumous success.

Jacob B (fr) wrote: It isn't quite as imaginative as Coraline or as smartly written as ParaNorman but the decidedly more lighthearted The Boxtrolls still boasts enough laughs, dazzling visuals and charm to remain a reasonably entertaining diversion from the American stop-motion animation studio Laika.

Teresa M (fr) wrote: Excellent movie,,,,,if you are not up on y our WW II history, might I recommend 2006 culturally diverse and sensitive movie surround the lies of 4 survivors photography planting the U.S. flag.....based on a book

Dave R (it) wrote: if it wasn't for the ending this could've been a really good film noir! the ending seems forced and contrived; it has many of the elements of classic noir but it seems that it wants to be an action/heist movie. so i give it 3 stars for the parts i liked; not worth watching unless you really want to - or have no choice....

Kricket S (fr) wrote: A witty yet delicate and at some point strong approach to self-discovery and embracing one's true utmost inner identity as well as courage to accept one's desires without prejudice. Cried towards the end - tear-jerker alert!

Madeline M (de) wrote: There are some really good things about Dil Se, but unfortunately they are mostly external characteristics. The musical sequences are top notch and wonderful cinema. The cinematography is great (I think - the DVD I watched was not a great transfer). The acting is mostly okay (I liked Preity Zinta). The plot had a lot of potential, but it was undermined by the writing - especially the characterization of Amar. Seriously, what the hell. I'll take Dil Se over an American or Hollywood movie on the same topic any day, but I don't know if the ~*different perspective*~ is worth the Too Stupid To Live hero.

Jon T (fr) wrote: Fully weird. Not in a great way. It's not cohesive. It's out of sorts. It's sort of off-putting. It's awkward and stilted and the weirdness doesn't really come together. It's not engaging. The music is mostly out of place. On the other hand, Jason Isaacs is a fucking chameleon.

Laura B (ag) wrote: Great film, beautifully of Gary oldman's great villain roles

Neil B (it) wrote: A silly yet slightly creepy slasher from the days of 'theme' murder movies

Jacob N (gb) wrote: Decent 60s scifi, shows exactly where Gerry Anderson's later attempts at live action (UFO and Space 1999) came from. Fortunately this is better than a lot of that and the feature budget makes for some excellent model-work special effects.

Maymay A (gb) wrote: Meet the Parents boasts having De Niro as the father whose heart the main character (Stiller) should win to marry the girl of his dreams. For that alone, this film cannot be missed.

John Y (jp) wrote: Somewhat humorous and enjoyable, but the musical numbers were less than spectacular.

Suresh M (us) wrote: as the last half hour of the movie started winding down, I knew my time with the lord of the rings characters was also winding down and that made me a little sad, but I'm ok now

John B (fr) wrote: One of the best Christian movies I have seen. I remember the Jesus Movement days and it was a lot like it was portrayed in the movie. Only I knew the Northern version. It was good to see what was happening in the south. I remember Explo 72. Praying for another great move of God. Presnt day football has become discusting to me because of the ungodlines, idolatry, and drinking. Pre Game Day and Game dayare nothing more than debached humanity. But oh for a revival in Chrisitan Religion and a turning back to Jesus as the only way, the truth,and the life.