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Aparna K (ca) wrote: vaaarrruuunnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas P (jp) wrote: A TV movie that shows.

Jeremy T (ru) wrote: If memory serves me right, this was probably the least terrible of the original three movies I saw when I was a kid and the Japanese version is perhaps far superior, but I still feel sorry for any parent who were forced to sit through this with their kid (my parents included).

Brett A (es) wrote: I am pretty sure you have to be high on carpet cleaning supplies to understand this movie. At the same time, it is superbly acted, well crafted and insane.

Charlie M (ru) wrote: Another 80s body switching/aging younger etc genre flick. This one has an undersized 12 year old who visits a carnival machine and wishes to be big. The next morning he awakes in a thirtysomething year old body (Tom Hanks who masterfully channels his inner child). He then gets a job, an apartment and of a course, a girlfriend while searching for the carnival machine to reverse his wish.

Cathy G (de) wrote: We found no enjoyable elements in this movie.

Billy M (nl) wrote: A humble beginning for a series that has sprouted such long legs. It's very simplistic (though for the un-informed it can still lose you) and modest. for a million dollar budget they managed to make an absolute classic that started the ball rolling to 60's bond mania. Not my favorite bond. But one I always enjoy watching.

Justin R (mx) wrote: Cagney is the bomb. The movie's a bit too by-the-numbers, and JC is more fun as a crook than a cop, but it was good.

Robert D (de) wrote: Is the title referring to the story line? This movie seems to be about a bunch of horny young people in a remote, swampy location who run around in the dark while the Engineers from "Prometheus" chase them. No explanation is given as to whom the powdery white men are or why all the women are in their bras or topless while the dudes are covered up. The director is clearly an unrepentant perv/misogynist.