'Shitsurakuen': jôbafuku onna harakiri

'Shitsurakuen': jôbafuku onna harakiri


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fire,   suicide,   pain,  

Directed by Masami Akita,who is also one of Japan's leading noise musicians under the name Merzbow. With a soundtrack by the director himself, this intense and ultra-gory seppuku film shows a young woman taking her own life by an act of ritual harakiri. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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'Shitsurakuen': jôbafuku onna harakiri torrent reviews

Frank F (mx) wrote: A mess. I don't know what Feng want to show.The movie is lack of emotional, you can hardly feel the characters.

Zachary G (au) wrote: I ended up really liking this film. The actress, Parker Posey, is great. You really get invested into her character. It's a great blend of romance, comedy, and drama. For Zoe R. Cassavetes's first film, it's a great one.

Ewa W (de) wrote: "Perch se quello del bacio un ex... se un ex, significa che tu sei come tutte le altre donne che quando si sentono sole e abbandonate tornano indietro, invece di andare avanti." (Tommaso) Quant vero! Un film bellissimo che non cerca di dare risposte, ma fa capire quant complesso lamore

Giulia C (nl) wrote: Liked the film...wish I didn't read the book first tho!

Nicole X (de) wrote: Absolutely beautiful. Clemece Meyer is endearing as little Cathy, the paragon of a whata little sister is - annoying yet adorable. Gregoire Leprnce-Ringuet's performance is fair, as it is his first fim, and the relationship between Yvan and him is believable. Yvan, played by the GORGEOUS Gaspard Ullel, showed just how traumatized and psychotic Yvan was with a street-smart, yet childlike charcteristic. Emmanuelle Beart gave an amazing performance and her character is quite complex. The only critcism is her and Yvan's relationship, which is only romantic once. Therefore, it seems out of place. Then again, Gaspard does seem to have a reputation of getting naked in his films, doesn't he? ;']

Michael W (jp) wrote: A good movie, not great. The third act is hard to get through and I lost interest in the characters and the story. It reminded me of Casino and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The characters get a slow fall and the end falls apart in an instant. Like Casino, Manchester seems to implode by the end and go from a city of industry to a hazy vision of a post punk dystopian Metropolis that no one wanted.

Fergus S (ag) wrote: Entertaining Xmas fare for the kids

Brad S (ru) wrote: Another of my favourite films, this one is about the Irish Mob in Hell's Kitchen. It has an oustanding cast featuring: Sean Penn, Ed Harris, Gary Oldman, Robin Wright-Penn and John Turturro. Oldman is at his craziest here, for a while, he was easily the best actor of his generation and was in peak form in this movie. A must for fans of his or Mob movies for sure.

Jey A (gb) wrote: This is much better than Living on a Dollar a Day!!! ^___^

David O (jp) wrote: Fantastic cinematography and a classic noir script make this one of the best of the era.

Rob V (gb) wrote: Not a great movie, but worth watching just as a throwback to the good old days before political correctness ruined everything (jk). It's not a bad plot, but comes off as almost a comedy with its delivery. Worth a look for zombie genre fanatics.

doris c (ag) wrote: brill.....James is always entertaining...

Kim T (jp) wrote: This is classic "camp horror." Gory, no plot, atrocious acting. But of course that's what I like. If you like campy movies the likes of Herschel Gordon Lewis, please check this one out, yall. I really liked.