Shiva is a new student in the community college. He is welcomed by a group of collegians, including the lovely Asha, to whom Shiva is instantly attracted. Shiva notices that there is violence within the college, perpetrated by people who are not even students. When he decides to find out their motives, he is met with violence, and threats. Now Shiva must decide to stand up for his college, or just carry on studying, finish college, and move on and get to on job.

Shiva is a new student in the community college. He is welcomed by a group of collegians, including the lovely Asha, to whom Shiva is instantly attracted to. Shiva notices that there is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian C (fr) wrote: I respect the church and all the good it does, but don't you dare make a cult film saying shit is true and you should listen to god. The last time I remember this happening was 9/11 and 3000 people died because GOD SAID TO KILL THE EVILS.

Sean R (ru) wrote: Good film very interesting enjoyed it and good acting by Gerald Butler.

Mike T (au) wrote: Fun enjoyable trash. A quick, painless, witty and goofy ride of ridiculous retarded garbage that embracing its low class status - and runs with it to actually somehow produce a good movie, because it knows exactly what it is and doesn't try to be more zany or funny. I don't remember much of the jokes, and they certainly weren't rapid-fire, but there was enough zany action and low brow low class humor that was actually endearing because the movie nailed expectations and it's crappy, useless status perfectly, and I had such a good time!

Mark W (it) wrote: not my type of movie hated it.

Marc L (ca) wrote: Alors faudra qu'on m'explique le rapport avec le "Day of the Dead" 1er du nom, si ce n'est l'envie de surfer sur un nom connu. Ici, on a des prix sur la fausse hemoglobine de mauvaise qualit, alors on en fout partout, et je ne parle pas des maquillages fabriqus par les eleves du cours prparatoire. Le scenario est bancal, on veut tout expliquer, et au lieu de frissonner, on s'endort... parce qu'on s'emmerde. C'est tellement bien foutu qu'on se croirait dans un telefilm allemand... (c'est p'tet le cas d'ailleurs ?)

Hannah N (kr) wrote: Brother Bear is a Disney movie that depicts the relationship between Native Americans and nature. In the beginning of the movie, the narrator explains that the world is full of 'magic', which comes from the lights at the top of the mountains. The shaman woman of the tribe explains that these lights are actually spirits of deceased ancestors and loved ones. They are responsible for growth, through people or animals, and changing of the seasons. Typically, these spirits control everything and help guide their loved ones. The main character of the movie, Kenai, is about to turn into a man. The shaman took a quest to the mountains and it was revealed to her that Kenai's totem, is that of a bear. According to the spirits, in order to become a man, Kenai must base his life and actions around love. Kenai is appalled by this and doesn't understand how he must 'love' in order to become a man. He leaves the ceremony and finds that his basket of fish, that he didn't properly secure, had been ransacked by a bear. Kenai tracks down the bear, to try and kill it and prove his manhood. His brothers, Sitka and Denahi, follow him and discover that the bear nearly kills him and it caused him to fall off the side of a ledge. While the brothers are fighting for their lives, Sitka sacrifices himself in order to save the other two. The bear and Sitka fall into the icy river. The bear manages to escape into the woods. Angry over his brother's death, Kenai follows the bear with the intentions to kill it. The tracks the bear to the top of a mountain and as he kills the bear, he is surrounded by the spirits, in the form of the bright lights. Suddenly, Kenai is transformed into the bear. Denahi, who thought Kenai was an actual bear, tried to kill him, thinking that Kenai was dead. Kenai, disoriented and confused, managed to escape and when he wakes up, discovers the shaman, who told him he needed to find the place that the lights touched the Earth. He set on a quest to find this location so he could be human again, where he meets a young cub by the name of Koda. Koda is very annoying to Kenai at first, but soon grows on him. Kenai agrees to take Koda to the salmon run, because Koda says the place he's looking for is right neat the salmon run. When they reach their destination, Koda tells a story of how his mother encountered some hunters. Horrified, Kenai realizes the story is about him and how he killed Koda's mother. Kenai pulls Koda aside, and admits that he killed his mother when he was human. Hurt of the loss of his mother, Koda leaves and Kenai sets back to the mountain with the lights. When he reaches the mountain, Denahi is there and tries to kill him. Koda managed to help save him, and right before Kenai is about to be stabbed, he transforms back into a human. Kenai decides to continue living his life as a bear, so he can take care of Koda. Kenai has finally turned into a 'man', since he learned how to live his life by the way of his totem.This movie is important in explaining the religions of indigenous people. They have a very strong connection to nature, as it is shown in the movie. At the beginning of the movie, Denahi is shown as the narrator and he's telling the story of his brother's story and the lesson he learned. Myths and story-telling are very popular in indigenous religions, because they teach stories and a lesson. There are many life lessons to be learned by these stories, and this is exactly what this movie is.

Stella D (mx) wrote: ozu's most successful early film is, believe it or not, an 'our gang' inspired silent comedy with a bit more of a social message. subtitled 'an adult's picture book view,' it's child's eye view of adult society makes for an engaging and fun watch. i like the way ozu never idealizes children. these kids are complete brats! loosely remade with sound and color in 1959 as 'ohay (good morning)'

Edan C (kr) wrote: What a film, blistering action, quality acting, better than Daniel Day Lewis in Abraham Lincoln! In the top 5 films of my life so far! Foreshadowing is beautiful from the get go!

Jane D (it) wrote: A highly disturbing movie, displaying the obsession society has with celebrities; making you think twice about buying that next trashy tabloid magazine.

Tree J (it) wrote: Monsters, Inc. shows a brighter side of the beasts young children dread with great humour, big smiles and gentle kindness. (In most characters!)

Art S (mx) wrote: Whereas I appreciate the "craft" involved in creating this stop-motion puppet movie, the end result is far too much of a weird downer for my tastes at the moment. I generally enjoy the weird and have enjoyed some of Charlie Kaufman's earlier efforts (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, even Synecdoche New York). However, apart from the protagonists being puppets, the conceit here (that all the minor characters are voiced by Tom Noonan, male or female, and have the same facial features) makes the film feel flatter rather than heightens its appeal. The plot, which tracks a man staying in a hotel for a conference across a single night during which he questions his past, present, and possible future relationships, is unafraid to wallow in psychological insecurity and distress. But that's not an altogether enjoyable way to spend 90 minutes (and a realistically awkward puppet sex scene is something I could probably have done without). So, are there moments of authentic humanity here? I think so - and David Thewlis and Jennifer Jason Leigh do bring the puppets to life - but the ratio of mundanity to surrealism was far too high.