Santi, a young high-school student with a serious physical reaction to sunlight, is forced by his health to move with his single mother to a shadowy, isolated village in the mountains of Spain where the inhabitants begin to reveal themselves as strangely xenophobic. When terrible, violent events begin to occur, Santi becomes first a pariah at school and then strongly suspected by the police of hideous murders. Santi himself, however, wonders if he is not the next victim.

Santi, a young high-school student with a serious physical reaction to sunlight, is forced by his health to move with his single mother to a shadowy, isolated village in the mountains of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin B (de) wrote: Competent but dull and derivative.

Lawrence G (us) wrote: Lots of nudity. Not that bad of a grind house movie. I liked it.

Florin M (fr) wrote: Although the main character is kind of egocentric, the movie experience was good as it. A very sentimental drama which probably has more success on women than men. If you're the kind of man that enjoys transformers probably it's not for you, on the other side if you liked The Reader, then you might like this one to.

Aaron G (nl) wrote: Fun but forgettable.

Adam S (au) wrote: this is one of the more interesting films in the series, but you have to begin with 7 Up... and work your way throug.

Jenny G (ag) wrote: The voiceover in the beginning of this says something about fairy tales coming true, and the biggest fairy tale is paying $422 to live on the Lower East Side. Of course, when this was made it was still bombed out, beautiful, and covered with poetic graffiti instead of ugly cold glass high rises and corporate sponsored pseudo "street" art by Nintendo. There's not a real narrative but what there is seems certainly relatable.. I mean, Basquiat at this time is an up and coming artist. He goes to the hospital, falls behind on rent, tags his thoughts in public spaces. There are nightclubs, strip joints(with some surly TG strippers! And Cookie Mueller. And the Contortions playing, like back when strippers didn't have to listen to Beyonce all day long.), having a band, unsolved crime. The guy with the weed is not as cool as he thinks, but he's the guy with the weed. The person who actually has the money to buy art is more interested in if it matches her dining room than what it actually expresses.Throughout the course of this there are performances by a bunch of bands like DNA, James White & the Blacks(James Chance),The Plastics, etc. that I'm seriously depressed about having been too young to have caught. The one thing I could have done without is a sub-plot about Jean's flirtation with a very mainstream conventional fashion model cuz, you know, I'm not a 14 year old boy where I think it would be mad cool to date a supermodel. Also because it's weak when self-styled "bohemian" boys get intimidated by girls with comparable creativity, talent, or at least knowledge of obscure music, art, comics and what have you, so they claim to be one way but select uninteresting normal female partners. Also because I've had it confirmed that at that point in his career Basquiat was not gettin' down with norms (if he ever did, I dunno.) Fortunately, this sub-plot remains very minor in the film and ultimately goes nowhere. Apparently this was someone's student film, but it looks pretty polished.

Clanoftorturershotmailcom C (gb) wrote: I will NOT see a Movie that has this Commie, Traitor, BITCH in it.They don't have a LOW enough rating for her.She can rot in the Hanoi Hilton, for what she did to Our troops during Vietnam.BURN BITCH, BURN

Eric B (es) wrote: Given its hokey plot, "The Gamma People" is a surprisingly first-class production. But picturesque locations, solid acting and capable direction aren't enough to save the film.Two journalist friends (one American and one British...why?) are on a train to Salzburg, but arrive in the tiny, uncharted country of Gudavia by mistake. The local people are upbeat and seem harmless enough, but something isn't quite right. Despite not having seen "The Wicker Man," the visitors soon develop suspicions of a lurking evil. Being crafty investigators, they discover the area is under the thumb of a fearsome Dr. Boronski. Boronski is the usual brilliant, madman scientist -- his scheme is using gamma rays to create child geniuses (along with a few adult zombies to serve as security staff). Naturally, he is upset to have his operation revealed -- even though he ordered the journalists steered to town in the first place (why?).The two leads are an interesting pair. They seem too old for these roles, yet are impressively skilled at throwing punches. But rather than being the usual hard-nosed gumshoe types, they are playful, understated and charming. I was reminded of a similar crime-solving pair from the campy "Chamber of Horrors."If you ever wondered what Kurt Von Trapp from "The Sound of Music" would be like as a Nazi, take a look at this film's wicked Hugo.

jay n (ca) wrote: Fine historical drama, Olivier is good as Nelson but its really Vivien's film. Sara Allgood is fun as the mother and Alan Mowbray is wonderful as Lord Hamilton

Alvin Y (it) wrote: Pretty good Washington basketball drama. Oh, and Spike Lee's directing style is usable here for music, pop culture reference, they all work out well. The father and son relationship that is so inspiring that others should learn from. Again, this might be one of Lee's most underrated movie, and still this guy did some of the best movies of all time (Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, 25th Hour)

Blair W (kr) wrote: There were a couple of good parts in this movie. Pierce Brosnan's character was great but the story line had some big holes and deteriorated as the movie went along. And what the heck happened at the end??

Ryan M (kr) wrote: I'm beginning to think Preminger never made a bad noir. (I even admire 'Whirlpool', which seems to turn most people off.) This one has a slightly higher "purity" quotient genre-wise; it lacks the "melo" in 'Angel Face' and 'Fallen Angel''s drama (literally: there's hardly any music). Also it's interesting that Preminger denies Dana Andrews the near-glorious finish that seems very much imminent, opting instead for an unironic anticlimax to a film bursting with ironies. And for an actress with so much sex appeal, Tierney is always reigned in and low-key for her Preminger roles. What I like most about this particular Preminger noir is its success in humanizing Andrews with almost no recourse to sentiment. (The paternal ghost haunting Andrews threatens to become a misstep when it starts looking like the key to Andrews' character, but thankfully it isn't overemphasized and is just a bit of the psychoanalytic padding you'll find in %90 of film noirs.) In this respect 'Where the Sidewalk Ends' goes further than 'Laura', which wears its romanticism on its sleeve.