. . Tomek's father, a former member of the Home Army is arrested so the mother is left with . The story opens in a provincial town. Set in the early 1950's, during the Stalin's Personality Cult

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Users reviews

Aaron S (ca)

Huh, Proyas made this?

Bob M (fr)

One of the best TNG films

Chris G (es)

This is just a shell, inside it's still the old Recep??. The film-makers have tried to create more of an emotional underpinning for the comedy creation??s character arch this time out but it still just boils down to a series of short burlesque comedy routines tied together by the loosest of story-lines that will only appeal to those with an intimate understanding of the society they are attempting to skew. ?ahan Gkbakar returns with a slightly more controlled and less foul-mouthed incarnation ofs the inspired burlesque exaggeration of the so-called ??maganda?? at large in the city while superb support comes from the cute but occasionally grating Zeynep ?amci, who had a minor role in the previous film, as the naive young kid who can tame this wild bear. Fat, aggressive, unibrowed slob Recep vedik (?ahan Gkbakar) has plunged into inconsolable grief following the death of his beloved grandmother at the end of the last film when in walks spunky college girl and distant relative Zeynep (Zeynep ?amci) to guide him through the required skits of his emotional journey to recovery. Popular Turkish comedy writer and performer ?ahan Gkbakar (??Dkkat ?ahan ?kablr??) reunites with his younger brother Togan Gkbakar ("Gen") for the third film in their Turkish box office blockbuster comedy series ??Recep vedik?? featuring a somewhat toned down version of his titular comedy character than in previous outings. . . Another fast and furious follow-up that maintains the iconic comedy buffoon??s mastery of the Turkish box-office

Christine D (es)

Not a shabby movie and definetely will watch the next one. Great acting but storyline was busy

David G (au)

A strong send-off to an elite cast of characters with a fun story and a character driven mystery that's one of the best in the franchise

EskWeston (it)

For even a casual Batman fan this is a must watch. This film is dark, gritty and comes with a deep, complex and violent story. This film is another example of DC's animated films being massively underrated

FilmGrinder S (nl)

enator Charles Hite (John McMartin). Goverment of the man, for the man, by the man. Because although Wakefeild is admittedly an imperfect institution, much like America herself, she is none the lessa grand experiment. because you have been salaryed to run one of the best conceved prisons in the country, sir. . . 96% "You gotta stop digging

Gabriel Arthur P (br)

Great pay-off. Free of implausible twists, a nice solid story. Artfully keeps you questioning the sanity of Travolta's character. Under-rated and fun

James S (us)

12 years of Catholic school. Reminds me of my youth I guess. It's one of those movies that I really like but can't explain exactly why

Katie K (br)

without all the poor attempts at comedy. . . I really loved this movie!! A sweet love story with two lost people