Shizukana seikatsu

Shizukana seikatsu


Melodrama about the life of a mentally handicapped young man and his devoted sister after their famous novelist father and housewife mother go to Australia on a business trip. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seth v (mx) wrote: Well produced, good acting, all thrown away in plot without a capability to pay off at the end. All stakes are imaginary and there is no reason to be invested in any character. Thought experiments are a fantastic tool in real life, but making a movie that is ostensibly nothing other than watching people have a thought experiment provides nothing more than an etch-a-sketch deus-ex situation.

Private U (es) wrote: Criss Angel is trully my gurdian angel so this will probabily be the greatest movie ever!

Chris W (de) wrote: Totally great. A welcome addition to the series.

Serge L (mx) wrote: Strong story, intelligent story, and apparently somehow based on truth. I had seen bits of this in other war films and did not believe people would agree to do this, but the extras had one player explaining it. Definitely nail biter although I suspected the hero would survive. Definitely a film noir not for the faint hearted. French film in black and white with english subtitles. Thumbs up for the film and down for the players and gamblers.

Dominic L (us) wrote: What a great documentary but then it was made by the man who made the fantastic Titanic film. This does not have one boring bit in it. Seeing the Titanic up close is so interesting.This is a really good film but I felt this film had so much more to give and it would of been better if they spent more time looking at the Titanic and less time on the boat or on land.

Hans J E (gb) wrote: Ararat is not a bad film by Atom Egoyan, but out of the five films of his I've seen so far it is my least favorite.

Unfelia C (mx) wrote: many different stories about first love...

Sais K (us) wrote: One of few innovative movies in Bollywood.

Pavandeep S (it) wrote: This is one of those films by him that are not noir but yet, have that dark, broody quality in it, it is rather similar to Le silence de la mer but another thing is the devotion in etiquette of both films to Bresson, except the acting here is less alike. I was amazed at how efficiently he took Bresson's technique and utilized it here, in a film where redemption and faith are explored by a man both Jewish and Alsatian. I really loved the intellectual approach here that is easy to touch but yet intriguing, like the sentence, "There is no French race", which really got me going, also the satire here is rather intriguing too. A fine watch.

David J (fr) wrote: I wanted to understand why directors Friedberg and Seltzer have such a bad reputation. Now I know. "The Starving Games" is downright embarrassing for everyone involved in both the filming and viewing of this film. This is among the worst films I've ever seen and I've seen some notoriously bad films.