Shkolnyy vals

Shkolnyy vals


The ten-graders Gosha and Zosya are in love with each other. The last school waltz has been played and it seems nothing stands any longer in the way of the young people being together. However, getting the news that he’s going to be a father soon, Gosha chooses a “free life” and… marries Dina who has long been in love with him, though with no reciprocity. But already at the registry office, the lucky winner realizes that getting Gosha as her husband doesn’t mean getting his love, that unintentionally she made her loved one unhappy and they have no future together… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas K (nl) wrote: Eddie Murphy is phenomenal as the professional, loving, yet guarded Mr. Church. While this story is touching, focusing more on Charlie and less on Mr. Church himself and his background. I wanted and needed more of his story

Michael F (br) wrote: An enjoyable film with a reference to anything adventure related, but some of the humor seems forced, resulting in some scenes to go on longer than they should.

Kristin K (es) wrote: Admirable concept, HORRIBLE acting. Annie Potts is the only believable actor in this piece of crap. If this girl was really that mousey and pathetic, shame on her. I've been fluffy my entire life and been picked on my entire life (PCOS...I've never been an overeater/junk drinker) and although I'd have reacted to the nomination the same way, I'd have never fallen into their traps to sabotage. I hope the real girl has grown a backbone. Funny how the lead in this move has lost weight and done nothing but a reality show since. Ponder...

Hiba B (ru) wrote: It wasn't really funny and was so boring..even my kids lost interest in it

Ro V (kr) wrote: You should watch this only after you've seen Flight of the Conchords and Eagle vs Shark. You need to be in the zone as well as Jemaine's psyche to fully appreciate this. Totally reminds me of my filmmaking buddies from undergrad.

John M (de) wrote: Not for everyone, but still pretty good.

danny d (fr) wrote: this was a decent watch but very typical. basically the same film that youve seen a dozen times.

Isabelle S (au) wrote: Leonardo is an amazing Actor !!!

Jayson F (au) wrote: Funny, i liked this as a kid

Chun W (ca) wrote: Not as good as the first, but still great stunts and fight sequence, but still lacking alot of it most of the time.But the new bus chase where Jackie was tumbling around Hong Kong street signs (which is also referenced in Lei Wu Long's ending in Tekken 5) and park fight's impressive choreography, the speed and use of surrounding which gave an early parkour element did set some high standards!The climatic battle had Jackie fighting a mad mute with mad stunts, which not only involved Jackie but many other of the actors and HK stuntmen on set.

Petros K (br) wrote: In the beginning it seems that everything's about how far a man can go in order to survive but then, a social debate emerges and argues about the real victims in a given situation. Well, the answer is not that obvious. The film is not bad; somewhere in the middle the pace is rather slow but apart from that, it has plenty of things to say. Ah, and I pretty much liked the Marseillais setting ;)

Asma M (br) wrote: Sweet love story at heart but didn't like Jim Carey! At-ll

Danny M (kr) wrote: Great film, I really enjoy this guilty pleasure film

Nathan C (es) wrote: Unstoppable Entertainment Makes God Awful & Boring Movies...Just seen the trailer unlike the abysmul 0% films I just click not interested apart from one movie because i know that one won't stay on it.