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Shnei Meter M'Habayit


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Angel D (ca) wrote: Not bad, I like that no talking, just kill them right there and then.

Neal J (kr) wrote: Not Eastwoods best film, but Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman carry this movie like true champions. Sure Clint Eastwood could've had more rugby scene just as he could've spent more time on the important social issues plaguing South Africa at that time, but hey, this ain't an epic, nor a character study - it's a film about a sport galvanizing a whole country.

007 W (gb) wrote: Hotel Transylvania is all right it's not a great movie it's not a bad movie it's just all right

Grant S (mx) wrote: Decent biopic.The story of Beatrix Potter, from when her first book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, was published, onwards. While examining her literary and artistic works the movie also concentrates on her personal and romantic life.The literary side is interesting, especially due to Potter's status as one of the biggest-selling children's authors of all time. However, the romantic side seems fairly unengaging. The claustrophobic mores and traditions that stifled women in society at that time are touched upon, as are Potter's attempts to escape from them. However, this is done more in passing than with any depth, and creates an irritating stuffiness to the movie.Performances are OK, but nothing more.

John M (ru) wrote: I have never read the books this is based on but perhaps I should. This particular movie adaption isnt great but its not horrible. It has some decent acting but overall its just another Syfy movie.

Seraphine C (ru) wrote: A perfect war movie. Incredible sensibility served by a gifted cast. A touch of humour. Realism and drama. Far away from the hollywood woolly shots. Remarkable photography. Smart spitfire, dogfight and air-to-air scenes. Unforgettable dialogs and moments. Everything sounds in tune from the beginning to the end. This is excellent. This is an unobtrusive masterpiece. This is just perfect.

Robert A (fr) wrote: The best part is the final story and what happens to the monster that comes out of the wall. I enjoyed that very much and it was a good pay off. The rest is a mixed bag of thrill and chill that works alright, but it's hard not to notice the green screen scenes that stick out like a sore thumb. Interesting enough though.

Jamie B (br) wrote: I enjoy a good 80's cheesefest, but this one, with its sloppily-done amnesia plot (which felt straight out of a TV sitcom) was mediocre at best. On the plus side, I will forever enjoy jamming along to Madonna's "Into the Groove," and this movie provides a couple of opportunities to do just that.

Kyron H (de) wrote: a only seven min film