Shock Value

Shock Value

Struggling 'B' movie Director blackmails a serial killer to be the star of his next film.

Struggling 'B' movie Director blackmails a serial killer to be the star of his next film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frank H (gb) wrote: Worst movie ever. Don't get it. I would have ranked it differently but there is nothing lower than half a star

Surbhi K (nl) wrote: Now here is a fun, light and a happy feel good film. I completely loved the simplicity and yet fun spirit of the movie and the end was extremely satisfying...

Raymond L (it) wrote: Had a few laughs with the sheer awkwardness but not a film I would watch again. Didn't fall for the storyline, not that it's something anyone could expect much out of any comedy but this was no where near par.

Vikram T (ca) wrote: Thanks To ASH this is one of her best film. people call her overrated. which is dumb

David A (kr) wrote: Definitely one of Johnny Depp's wonderful performances. "Finding Neverland" is heartwarming and sweet that will you pull your heartstrings without effort. It never lets go and makes you believe in magic again. Thoroughly entertaining and quirky. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves to shed a tear once and awhile.

cheryl g (gb) wrote: So - so movie. Nimoy has done better

Garrett B (de) wrote: We?re seniors in high-school, and our advanced composition class spent eight weeks reading, analyzing, and dissecting this book. Now we realize it is nearly impossible to capture an entire book in just a single movie. One thing the movie did well was capture the symbolism of the conch and portray the main characters. However, the rest of the movie had us scratching our heads and saying ?WTF?. From the first scene when the boys come in on the raft and the pilot is alive, it is all wrong. You would at least think the movie would start how the book started. The details of the book were all wrong with the magical accordion showing up to the beast the kids found and the glow stick. In the book they talked about how Simon came crawling out of the woods when the boys mistaken him as the beast. Not running on the beach with a glow stick in his hands. Another thing that really yanked on our chain, was the language in the movie. I thought the whole point of the book was about a bunch of innocent little boys crashing onto an island. Not a bunch of cussing, idiotic, crazy boys loving the island. Then it ends how it started, not following the book at all. A helicopter rescuing the boys? The savagery however, was immediately displayed.

Eric R (mx) wrote: An overlooked noir about a washed up boxer whom relives his glory days, and urns to have one more chance at his title shot. John Payne really does a gread job as Ernie Driscoll, our hard-nosed ex-boxer whom really defines masculinity in his view of the world and himself. The script is really well written and as Driscoll's voyage towards one more shot at vindication moves forward, you just can't help but be brought in.

Deepak A (mx) wrote: Actors save this movie with potential frittered away by a weak screenplay and camerawork.

Kevin L (it) wrote: Disappointing to say the least. Save for your last resort.

Zane T (de) wrote: Who would have thought that Morgan Freeman could play a sleazy violent pimp so well. This is the man who encouraged Gen Xers to read on The Electric Company and is now considered a legend of the cinema and of the most sought after actors. Freeman's performance as well as a performance by Kathy Baker as a prostitute save this movie from the silliness which is evolved from. Basically, Christopher Reeve is a journalist who wants to do a story about a pimp, but when he can't find a source, he makes it up. Freeman's lawyer and an prosecutor both think that Reeve's story is about Freeman's character, which it isn't. This part of the movie is just ludicrous as the prosecutor keeps badgering Reeve's to give up his notes and a moronic judge jails Reeve in contempt and it's a big mess. The other part of the story where Reeve finally meets Freeman's character and sees the underbelly of crime is the most interesting. And seeing Freeman has a foul-mouth, woman hitting Yoo-hoo drinking, gold-toothed psychopath is what makes the movie worth watching.