Shock Waves

Shock Waves

Visitors to a remote island discover that a reclusive Nazi commandant has been breeding a group of zombie soldiers.

The horror centers the seemingly normal remote island which a group of visitors happen to get on. They soon discover a group of cold-hearted Nazi zombies wandering around the island and do what they do best: killing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew B (au) wrote: Not bad for a found footage flick. I almost wish it was a little bit more out there instead of uber reality.

Paul O (br) wrote: This tale isn't so much about finding a human penis to be displayed in the Icelandic phallological museum, but more of the story of the men who are willing to donate. Particularly the pathological American who takes penis obsession to a whole new level.

David W (it) wrote: A reboot that has great effects and better than Tim Burton's remake

Cody H (kr) wrote: This movie does a great job of making fun of that idiot Michael Moore. Grade: B-

Susan D (kr) wrote: Fascinating glimpse into the otherwise closed off world of North Korea. The stories of those who left were striking and often moving. I would, however have been even more fascinated by a few more accounts of daily life and its challenges there. Though stories of crisis are gripping and tragic, as riveting for me are stories of day to day survival in situations of hardship and the kind of long term oppression, starvation/shortage, propaganda and disinformation that must be the norm in such a place. Still, a very interesting film that will confirm your worst inferences about North Korea and its current regime.

Timothy S (es) wrote: Expectations are rarely high for made-for-video horror movies, and while I can't quite recommend "Big Bad Wolf", it is a little better than the norm. Lance Dreesen is a capable enough director to keep the film interesting throughout, but the less-than-impressive special effects and amateurish acting keep holding it back. The cast is all appealing enough, but they deliver their lines like they're reading their grocery lists out loud. The special effects involved in the brief transformation scenes are so cheap it really makes you long for the amazing, non-CGI work of artists like Rick Baker and the like. Computers may help to enhance a lot of movies but they were the worst thing to ever happen to the horror film. The basic premise lifts liberally from a lot of the major werewolf pictures of the last twenty years, most notably "An American Werewolf in London", "Silver Bullet" and "The Howling". There are scenes in this movie that will remind you of all three of those superior films. It even goes as far as to give former Wolfman David Naughton a small part here, which actually earns this film a few points. It's pretty clever. I also enjoyed Richard Tyson as the titular creature. He never quite made it to the big leagues, but he seems to be enjoying the way back down the ladder of success. There's a good movie in here somewhere just bubbling under the surface, but "Big Bad Wolf" just never quite achieves greatness. It is, however, slightly better than your average B movie.

Jeremy C (mx) wrote: This movie is one thing... Not good I did like the acting and some of the dialouge.GRADE:C-

Deb S (it) wrote: Movie star Bette Midler and writer Dennis Farina give an excellent performance as two ex-lovers who hate each other so much, that they fall in love again at their daughter's wedding party. Along the way are some pretty funny scenes with some interesting characters like Roach, the paparazzi guy who follows the movie star around and wants to print all in a sleazy tabloid.

Jose S (jp) wrote: La pelcula ms accesible de Ripstein, da una versin muy interesante del "amor"... Regina Orozco, genial.

Stephen H (nl) wrote: simply the best movie ever made!

Jason S (de) wrote: I can honestly say that was the worst movie I have ever watched. This movie was just so weird and awkward. There was no hook and weird transition music. There was random scenes and terrible acting. Tarantulas cannot make webs and throughout the whole movie it showed tons of people dying because they were wrapped in webbing. Not only was that terrible but the effects on the webbing was even worse. None of the main characters died even when they got bit. The ending was awful it showed everything being wrapped in a web with no dead people or spiders being showed. I rate this movie a 0.3 out of 10.

Jenna S (jp) wrote: Truly ridiculous film. bad. No thinking person would make the ridiculous moves of the main character. The "bad guy" who's really not SO bad? Not buying that either. Waste of my time, though I did give up at about the halfway mark.

Evan H (ca) wrote: It's pretty bad! It has naked actors throughout the movie. It is campy like John Waters films, which makes it less boring! It has a nice '60s feel to it but other than that it's a bad movie!

Graydon B (it) wrote: Absolute shit. Almost ruined Godzilla (thank god for Godzilla 2000). Acting is poor and bland, plot is meh, Godzilla (sorry its just ZILLA, not worthy of GOD) doesn't even represent himself here. Its just eye-candy thats boring, forgettable and almost raped Godzilla and Toho! What an absolute anal atom bomb of a film!

Chrisanne S (it) wrote: Or not. It doesn't really work.

Michael H (br) wrote: Decent film; it's rare to see Karloff overshadowed, but I think Anna Lee steals the picture from him.

Keenan S (de) wrote: I have to admit, Jezebel's story is a bit weak, and is certainly not one of Davis's best films. Despite a weak script, Bette Davis makes this film go above and beyond its weaknesses. This film is a prime example of why Bette Davis is one of my all-time favorite actresses, because even when she was given an arguably mediocre script, she could make it work and make a great film out of it. Jezebel is a very enjoyable, albeit flawed romance/drama, that is still worth checking out.

Pierre C (mx) wrote: A good film about a great man who is condemned to exile, even if his only aim was to educate and entertain people in the 30' Ireland. But more than depicting such a man in history, this film also serves the political ideas and involvement of Ken Loach. No need to introduce him again, the man put a great deal of opinions and ideas in the film - and sincerely, I didn't expect anything else.