Shocking Asia

Shocking Asia

High on shock and light on cultural relativism, this mondo collection of video strangeness features assorted dead (or dying) people, a sex change operation, inexplicable sex acts, and a bunch of other stuff the producers' could get the rights to cheaply.

  • Category:Horror
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:NickDan
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Rolf Olsen
  • Writer:Rolf Olsen, Ingeborg Steinbach (script)

A documentary about asia's shocking cultures. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shocking Asia torrent reviews

Hannu P (kr) wrote: one of the worst movies I have seen .. total non-sense and total waste of time

Alice W (ag) wrote: goooooooooodddddd not really scaryy buttt gdddd

Valria V (nl) wrote: Terror com sobrenatural.

Andrew M (kr) wrote: I would have loved this movie if it was 15 minutes long. The characters were not at all stereotypical and full of realism. The dialogue and interaction was charming to begin with. But when you watch over two hours of this story that plods along like a snail with no sense of direction, the novelty begins to wear off very quickly. Talk about longwinded. This is the type of movie that pretentious people love to wax lyrical about and although I can see some very admirable qualities to it I found it increasingly more uninteresting and dull the more it went on. It actually beggars belief that this movie is billed as a comedy.

Jake L (ru) wrote: Funny, clever and perfectly acted.

Mats V (au) wrote: While I know which is the original and which is the remake then this one still feels like a cheap knock-off from Scorsese's movie.

Joshua H (jp) wrote: Reviews for Walt Disney Animated Studios. #45

Liam U (mx) wrote: Very interesting and does a pretty decent job at humanising Ron Jeremy. There doesn't seem to be any specific agenda behind this documentary, so Ron Jeremy isn't necessarily glorified or condemned - just portrayed in a seemingly honest fashion. The glimpse behind the apparently glamorous lifestyle of a porn star is quite interesting, and there are times, especially when Ron Jeremy is talking about love or loneliness, when he comes across quite sympathetically. For anyone with a passing interest in Ron Jeremy this is well worth a watch - but porn has a stigma attached to it, so most (closed-minded) folk will probably find this worth a miss.

Keith M (es) wrote: I know this film as 'Stolen Hearts' but what ever it's called, I love it. Love it love it

Sausages M (nl) wrote: This film has precisely two gags in it. Painful to watch even when I was 10 years old.

Jeremy B (mx) wrote: Another wonderful character study of everyday life and ordinary people by Ozu. A lot of critics say Ozu is "the most Japanese" of the directors of that era and that his films are difficult to relate to for foreigners, but I disagree. Essentially, his films are about people and, most importantly, the family unit and how it functions. This is hardly an uniquely Japanese issue and can easily be relevant to non-Japanese, then and today. I'd recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a film meditating on fraying relationship between a married couple as they pass through their respective middle-age and how the youth who are considering marriage are influenced and affected by the behavior of their elders.

connie m (nl) wrote: :fresh: [font=Arial Narrow]I really liked the movie I would like to purchase it. Is it available?[/font]

Uriel G (ag) wrote: More spectacular special effects, great scenes and an extraordinary cinematography obscured by unnecessary sequences, meaningless characters and a lengthening of history that only makes us think that Peter Jackson can not find the way to cover those 3 hours of film that must cover with a 300 page book for children.

Robert B (fr) wrote: Memory (Bennett Davlin, 2006)Generic thriller that doesn't utilize Billy Zane's talents nearly enough. Zane plays a doctor who, while on a trip to Brazil to give a lecture, is asked to consult on a mysterious patient at a nearby hospital. While there, he is exposed to a substance discovered deep in the Amazon that seems to be exposing him to memories that aren't his-memories that were generated by a serial killer while he was committing his crimes. Dennis Hopper has a turn as the doctor's father, basically playing that Dennis Hopper character-quirky, cracked, not that far away from the edge. The whole thing feels kind of phoned in, and while the mystery angle that develops is worthwhile, I felt that there could have been a great deal more to this than there was. ** 1/2