Shocking Asia III: After Dark

Shocking Asia III: After Dark

"Shocking Asia 3" isn't too outrageous considering its subject matter. This shockumentary is set mostly in Japan

"Shocking Asia 3" isn't too outrageous considering its subject matter. This shockumentary is set mostly in Japan . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant S (gb) wrote: 2011. After 15+ years apart, the original members of iconic Englishband The Stone Roses - Ian Brown, John Squire, Alan "Reni" Wren andGary "Mani" Mounfield - reform for a concert tour. Enlisting thefilm-making talents of director Shane Meadows (This is England, DeadMan's Shoes, A Room for Romeo Brass) this film documents their reunion,including initial meetings, practice sessions and the concertsthemselves. There is also coverage of their 80/90s history.More concert film than documentary, not that this is a bad thing. Whilethere was decent coverage of how they burst on the scene, includingmedia coverage and a good feeling of how big they were, there is verylittle on why their ascent faltered after the first album or why thingswent south after their second album. This a notable omission, as the lack of success, or even musical production, of The Stone Roses after their brilliant debut album is one of music's greatest tragedies.However, the music coverage is great. Fantastic music, as you wouldalready know if you are a Stone Roses fan, well-performed, well-recorded and produced. I am generally not a fan of bands reformingafter many years apart - they generally lack the passion of youngerbands, have nothing new to offer and seem to be only in it for themoney. However, the music here is great - no rustiness, no goingthrough the motions, no cynicism. It's as if it's 1989 all over again.

Facebook U (mx) wrote: This film is much too much like a remake of Superman. Alien with superpowers coming to him at teen age while being chased by other aliens. The same guys were behind Smallville and it shows. Smallville was well done and might as well watch that. The number four has good effects of course and at the beginning it looked like it was going to be original. The superpowers ruined the tension. It was not going to be subtil and smart.

Anthony V (ca) wrote: Not so much a horror film as a dark fantasy.

Kevin R (us) wrote: FUNNY and WONDERFULL COMDEY

Travis B (ca) wrote: Great plot with an interesting twist. Still holds up after 20 years.

Joycelyn J (ca) wrote: i would watch it just because it has something to do with the mojave... ONLY!

Zachary Y (us) wrote: an underrated John Carpenter film. Chase is good dramatically and adds a lot of humor.

Greg W (nl) wrote: just recently re-watched this-I forgot how handsome/hot Andy Garcia was back in the day.

Paul M (au) wrote: An odd and surreal dark comedy of sorts with Bud Cort as the boy who wants to have wings and fly, Kellerman as his guardian angel of sorts and Michael Murphy as a spoof version of McQueen's Bullitt.

Charles P (it) wrote: Whenever Marlene wears pants in a film, I automatically give it three stars. I give three stars as well for the wonderfully annoying song about Hate Murder and Revenge! Does that make this a six star film? How about it being a decent middling Fritz Lang flick, three stars? Nine? This is the best film ever!

Philip P (jp) wrote: Sinister and neatly constructed Faustian Americana.

Vuong B (de) wrote: a very compelling film.

Paul B (au) wrote: What you would expect. Not great, not horrible. Action was solid.

John M (jp) wrote: Wheelchair romance. So this is about a quadriplegic man (Sam Clafin). He used to have it all before a motorcycle accident (where he wasn't actually the one driving), so naturally this lifestyle change has him a bit down on his luck. Enter his new caretaker (Emilia Clarke) who is just a ray of sunshine. Can she get him excited about life again? Now I am fully capable of getting into a romantic story, even though I am a guy. It's a misconception with my gender that we only like violent action movies... but I usually like those as well. I try to watch Love Actually every Christmas Eve, and I will vehemently defend Titanic as a brilliant film. If there is a male out there capable of appreciating Me Before You, it's me. While this is a notch or two better than your garden variety romantic comedy, it falls way short of being a classic. Such is the case for most of these affairs, this is based on a popular novel that I haven't read. It's very much in that same vain of The Fault in Our Stars, and I suppose there will always be an audience for star-crossed lovers. The reason why this relationship is doomed has to do with a fact would probably be considered to be a spoiler, so let's just say that this man is having a lot of difficulty finding purpose in his life given the major life change, and what he's preparing to do is a bit difficult to relate to. Granted, I do realize I have never been through his plight, and I don't even know anybody who has been through something this extreme, but that doesn't change the fact that what he wants to do is selfish and short sighted. Apart from that one element, everything else is fairly predictable, and while it is never bad, it never surprises. Now I do like the acting from both of these leads, and I was able to buy their slow and steady attraction to one another. I know it couldn't have been easy for Clafin to act from a wheelchair, but I appreciated Clarke more than anything because she was able to play a completely different character than what she typically plays; she is so plucky and genuine that she does really help to carry this movie. When she is trying to enthuse the unenthusiastic, that is where this movie is at its best. It's watchable, but I do deduct points for the aforementioned element as well as for a very obtrusive hipster soundtrack that kept butting in and ruining moments. This was okay.