Shocking Truth

Shocking Truth


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:60 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:porn industry,  

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Shocking Truth torrent reviews

Adrienne C (br) wrote: This is the worst movie I've ever seen. I can't believe I watched it to the end hoping it would get better. If there were an option to give it zero stars I would have.

Joel M (mx) wrote: "Thanks for Sharing" does not really warrant your welcome. It' s not a total disaster but Director Stuart Blumberg's movie about a trio of recovered sex addicts was mostly a turn off. Mark Ruffalo leads the cast as Adam, an easygoing New Yorker who falls for Phoebe played by Gwyneth Paltrow. The thing is that Adam has not informed Phoebe about his addiction. When he does, Phoebe says "let's just be friends"; not really, just wanted to include "Phoebe" and "Friends" in the same sentence. Next, there is Mike (Tim Robbins), the senior sex addict, who has been longtime married to his high school sweetheart and trying to fix his relationship with his estranged kleptomaniac son. To round out the sexoholics, there is Neil (Josh Gad) a young chunky doctor who clumsily fights his addiction in a semi-comedic way and befriends a new addict named Dede played by Alecia Moore (or otherwise known as Pink); hey, the pink stuff had to be included in a movie about sex addicts. "Thanks for Sharing" lacks substance and you don't really care if the characters get it up in their relationships with others, pun intended. That is all I have to share for "Thanks for Sharing"; thanks for reading. *** Average

Dann M (au) wrote: A stereotypical espionage thriller, The Numbers Station is competent enough but isn't very engaging. When a US secret intelligence base is attacked a CIA agent and a cryptographer have to hold off a strike team and regain control of the dispatch system in order to stop a series of assassinations. John Cusack and Malin Akerman lead the cast and give solid performances. However, the writing is rather poor and employs some insane logic in regards to how the CIA works. While it's fairly entertaining and delivers some thrills, The Numbers Stations is formulaic and predictable.

Chris S (br) wrote: Only if more people watched this movie, the world would be a better place.

Roswell C (mx) wrote: i thought that the film was really engaging. the performances and dialogue were strong, in particular jun sung kim. i thought that the elements of comedy and violence were skilfully incorporated in a way that made the situations/lines feel realistic rather than forced or contrived. my only con is that i think that the film was not accessible enough for audiences who were not korean. all in all, a solid drama.

House M (kr) wrote: Very nice thriller. Good acting from everyone on board. Not a must see but good entertainment.

Cha t (nl) wrote: Saw this recently and it's somewhat interesting and mildly entertaining. I only kept watching to see how it ended.

HungYa L (jp) wrote: Throne of Blood is my very own introduction to Shakespeare though not the first. The combination of Kurosawa and Mifune is simply unbeatable!

Kyle V (de) wrote: Major hokey musical crap. I even like musicals, but this just pissed me off. I think i might have a problem with the French or something because it is very rare for me to like something that has to do with France. Had one great moment and that was the opening scene....from there it was all downhill and i don't want to talk about it anymore.

Bill T (nl) wrote: Another montage crazy film by the Russians here. Instead of Eisenstein laying it on thick, we have Alexander Dovzshenko getting into the act with 'Arsenal'. A film about, yes, the oppression of the people against the state! Instead of the Russians, this time we the Ukrainians becoming oppressed. Mainly set in a arsenal factory (!!) the people fight the threat of Government interference! Set to a frenetic score, Arsenal sure must have kept the editors busy with many crazy jump cuts going at a frenetic pace. What does it all mean? Not 100% sure, as some of the obvious symbolism just flew right by me. It's an OK movie if you're into that sort of stuff. (You know who you are).

Shayla M (nl) wrote: Wayy too many dog killings in this movie for me... kind of a weird film, but i guess things like this happen.. it was interesting to watch.. Such a creepy ending! Lol