A parole officer falls in love with the ex-con who was his charge.

Jenny Marsh, still dangerously attractive after 5 years in prison for killing a man in defense of her shady lover Harry, clashes at first with parole officer Griff Marat, who's determined ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Georgia S (it) wrote: sad concept (poor town). people have hope. quick watch. parts were a little choppy and underdeveloped. overall good movie.

Ian M (mx) wrote: Over-acted & badly acted piece of crap with clich characters in it... You don't see any of the gore, and the effects are dodgy to top it off. Charisma Carpenter cameoed for a millisecond.

Jonny P (nl) wrote: "The Giant Mechanical Man" is completely charming. This slice of real life feels completely natural through its simple language, unique settings, and wonderful acting. It is the definition of an indie film, using its small cast to bring this heart-felt story to life. The highlight of the film is Jenna Fischer, who harnesses the character traits of Pam from "The Office" and uses them to create this amiable-but-timid character who can't find her way. Chris Messina surpasses his average performance in films like "Argo" and "Devil." His character is interesting because he is devoted to something larger than himself and does so with a craft that has rarely been explored on screen, but more importantly, Messina really nails embodies this message through his emotion and non-emotion. The effectiveness of Fischer and Messina comes from their relatability to just about every audience member, presenting a nice message about finding your place in the world. Topher Grace is pretty annoying (as his character needs to be for the story to be effective), but it sometimes made me too aware that I was watching an indie film. The script is great, guaranteeing a few laughs (like the guy poking the monkey) and a few tears (like the meet-cute at the end). I also appreciate the amount of language that was left out. It was nice to be reminded of how effective plain, simple language can be. "The Giant Mechanical Man" easily earns an A and a spot on my list of "must-see underappreciated indie films."

Stephen R (es) wrote: This film is like a Thai version of Brave heart. This really happend and this film really does this story credit. About the Burmese invading Thailand, and a small village called Bang Rajan ( it has a different name now) Has to defend itself after numerous attacks. Some of the sound effects are a little poor but the action is very brutal. Great film but with a sad ending. This film is a real tribute to the people of Thailand especially Bang Rajan

Halo D (mx) wrote: I loved the first one...

Pavan R (kr) wrote: Was an interesting story when there were loads of changes happening in social structure and mindset

Blake W (us) wrote: Watched Scarface over a dozen times. Love it

Jacob R (mx) wrote: As an amateur documentarian myself, the subject matter (power of film-making, dangers of irresponsible storytelling, hurdles to the creative process) resonated personally.

Amber A (ag) wrote: This is such a freaky ass film! The ending is pretty sweet though.. but that room.. dude, that room creeped the hell outta me!

Oliver B (fr) wrote: perfect film, jack lemmon, 60's new york and Terry-Thomas.

Diggity H (br) wrote: Enjoyed the chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pea. The one character that I felt was not quite authentic was the chola. Really enjoyed this movie. Michael Pea did a good job in a role that was way different than I've seen him do before.

Trey W (ca) wrote: One of my guilty pleasures. Watch it for Stuart Wilson chewing up all the scenery in sight as the unusually well spoken barbarian bad guy. Fun post-apocalyptic type actioner.

Jos M (mx) wrote: Ben Foster est estupendo.

AwSm (ag) wrote: Hmm ,Ididnt know Vincent had a new movie out right now