Contained inside this box are the spirits of the Dark Carnival. To watch this video is to unleash ICP's voodoo magic into your life forever, A brave camera crew follows ICP and their deranged fans throughout Detroit and all across the country to try to capture some of the deadly insanity that surrounds ICP on film. This Shockumentary is the best mortal man can do to explain what happens in the bizarre and twisted world of ICP. With never-seen-before UNCENSORED and UNEDITED ICP interviews, concert footage and naked chicks, this video documents the true hardcore reality about the most hated band in the world: The Insane Clown Posse.

The doc catches the horror-rap group, the Insane Clown Posse, just as they as began their meteoric rise to become one of Americas most notorious bands. Featuring their rapid fan base, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shockumentary torrent reviews

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Andri A (ag) wrote: Sometimes live just ain't enough...

Richard H (kr) wrote: Finally got around to Killshot and it was not as bad as I was expecting, all in all a pretty decent thriller

Jim r (kr) wrote: Extremely inspirational movie about how with the appropriate adult leadership, kids can become focused, hard-working, and dedicated. As mentioned in one of the movies, one of the schools is in an area where 97% of the families are in poverty. We don't need school vouchers which can potentially move money away from these schools but we need better school programs and better role models for these kids.

Mohammed A (ca) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Andrew T (br) wrote: Good eastern european (north asian?) spy flick. A few too many twists and too much Caine not being famous, but a good story and good action. Worth a watch if you enjoy spy thrillers.

Ryan T (es) wrote: A hilarious satire about one of the cheesiest businesses around.

Felipe F (br) wrote: Steel Magnolias' star-studded cast unsuccessfully tries to cover up a predictable, unfunny and manipulative tearjerker that deliberately doubts the audience's capacity to see through its false feminism.

Michael C (es) wrote: Stunning, nihilistic film from Mario Bava that predates Reservoir Dogs by nearly two decades but achieves a similar effect. Violent and harsh, Rabid Dogs is messy, and unrefined (It was also not completed until after the director's death, and remains something of a work in progress, in it's best cut), but intense, and told at a cracking pace. Certain to remain underappreciated, it's one of the sharpest thrillers of the Seventies.

Kevin M (nl) wrote: Thank God for Marlon Wayans, the true successor to Mel Brooks!

Aaron M (de) wrote: This is a superb monster movie. It's scary, mysterious, menacing and looks amazing. The fact it's all filmed in a video camera style is not going to be to everyone's taste but I think it adds an extra edge to the movie and makes it a more authentic experience. Whilst the characters aren't totally interesting, and a little stereo typical you feel their terror and desperation to get to friends and to safety. I love how the creature was kept a secret before release, how it teases your imagination for its existence and is completely forced upon them out of the blue. The creature itself gets screen time progresively, leaving an air of mystery but you get more than a glimpse. There are some memorable moments in this movie and its one of my favourites to rewatch.


Tim S (jp) wrote: The first half of this latest remake of this classic story is pretty good, but the second half lets it down. If the second half had been better this would have easily been a 3.5 star film.