At a track near Rome, shoeshine boys are watching horses run. Two of the boys Pasquale, an orphan, and Giuseppe, his younger friend are riding. The pair have been saving to buy a horse of their own to ride...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1946
  • Language:Italian,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   prison escape,   fire,  

Two shoeshine boys in postwar Rome, Italy, save up to buy a horse, but their involvement as dupes in a burglary lands them in juvenile prison where the experience take a devastating toll on their friendship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niloo R (au) wrote: such a crazy, creepy film - but also really really good. a real mind-fuck kind of movie, but it was a ton of fun to watch and really memorable. just thinking of how difficult the script was to write and execute properly makes the film that much more impressive.

Matthew S (gb) wrote: Highly underrated film from Sam Mendes. The entire movie works on all counts. It feels like a movie that would have been made in the 1970's.

John P (jp) wrote: I subjected myself and a couple of buddies to this painful travesty at the request of another -- suspiciously absent, I might add -- friend. I noticed the box proudly touted "better than Aliens vs. Predator!" It didn't hit me at the time, but that quote meant absolutely nothing. Moreover, it's a lie. They could've dredged up some positive statements like "will not rape your grandfather!" or "isn't racist at dinner parties!" for the box without boldly lying to me.The reason Aliens vs. Predator exists, for better or worse, is because the featured monsters are themselves scary and interesting. AvH skips the initial set up movies generally created for such match-up flicks and goes straight to copying the bout itself. You can't do that! That would be like making a Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman clone, calling it Brankenstein Meets The Wolfperson, and expecting people to not shit all over your film.I'm not going into specifics as to why exactly this movie sucks so bad, because I knew this was going to be a piece of shit going in. I just wasn't prepared.Goddamn you for suggesting this film, Gabe and box!

Kelly C (it) wrote: Despite the cover, don't mistake this for another American History X. It's not. It's something different altogether. It isn't an action flick. It isn't big on crime and violence. All that happens at the beginning of the movie. It isn't a courtroom drama. It isn't a love story.What it is is an endearing little piece designed to make you think. It's much, much too short and I think they could have made it a full length film with more excitement and still preserved the powerful message this movie contains. There are some weak spots (like the stereotypical so-angry-I-can't-stand-it bald Neo Nazi screaming upwards at the sky while his jackets slips down his shoulders and his fists clench), but there are some must-see scenes that make the whole movie worth it.The lawyer has some poignant words about Joseph's Coat of Many Colors in relation to the interweaving of the races that comprise society. One of the most memorable and one hell of a WONDERFULLY acted scene is when the lawyer tries to get this young Neo Nazi to see the error of his ways by not just defending a client who doesn't care about anything but getting the lightest sentence possible, but by teaching the young man about regret, the fallibility of hate, and about using all he has learned to defend himself. Worth watching - just don't expect a blockbuster, but a thought-provoker.

Giorgos V (ag) wrote: Skotonontas ton gay....apla kaki tainia tipota axiologo. To story mporei nanai alitheia (na ginetai diladi) alla i tainia einai psiloxalia