Shogun Cop

Shogun Cop

Robert Patrick and Jerry Trimble starring in this american/japanese high-octane fantasy action/adventure/ martial arts movie about a sword-wielding superhero.

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Shogun Cop torrent reviews

Logan M (gb) wrote: I found myself amazed not only by the bias, bigoted, and ignorant agenda, but also the incompetent acting, screenwriting, and filmmaking. Heaven help us.

Steve W (es) wrote: In the opening sequence, a rebel leader is captured by CGI. The Guillotines is a over-dramatic drama with no martial arts sequences to satisfy the action-lover, with horrendous melodrama everywhere. There's even a lack of a climax, in terms of action or drama. There really isn't a single moment or scene that makes this worth a viewing. Avoid at all costs.

Jake R (it) wrote: This movie could definately become a cult classic. It has tons of laugh out loud moments with a cast of people you'll recognize but couldn't name for your life. If you're looking for something in the same vein of Animal House, this could definitely be it. Give it a shot some time...I don't think you'd regret it.

Benjamin H (gb) wrote: Great movie. Quite noir-ish.

Film C (br) wrote: what a terrible film now danny devito is brilliant and its a pretty decent filkm if it was just kept to having a dad who clearly is dipresses becuase of the loss of his wife so he turns to drink so the elder brother then fills as though hes got a lot o his shoulders as he has to look after the house and his brother whilst trying to convince his dad it will get better and tey can move on and be a happy familar now that would have beeen a really good heart warmiong movie with a pretty decent storyline but they bring in a caracter which is played by gary sinise who is a veteran and a bit of a weirdo who is a racist and clearly has issues and his character is just so pointless and makes the storyline so much more confusing as your thinkning well wht did e have to do with it all! so its watchable but really should have been better

Corey S (ag) wrote: A lot of good scenes and dialogue. I felt like there could have been less bush and more substance though. Not Godard's best

Guilherme N (us) wrote: For the music, specially, but it's an harmless honest movie.