Shoot 'Em Up

Shoot 'Em Up

A man named Mr. Smith delivers a woman's baby during a shootout, and is then called upon to protect the newborn from the army of gunmen.

Late at night, in an unnamed U.S. city, a solitary man sits at a bus stop. A pregnant woman runs by, pursued by a man with a gun. With reluctance, the man at the bus stop rescues her and assists with the baby's delivery, while additional pursuers fire at them, including the gang's particularly nasty leader, an intuitive man named Hertz. Our hero, known only as Smith, determines to save the child and find out why Hertz wants the baby dead. At a local bordello, he tries to employ a lactating hooker to watch the child, but things quickly escalate, and this makeshift family is soon on the run. Heavy metal music calms the baby. Why? A laboratory, gun factory, and presidential campaign all figure in Smith's quest for the child's safe deliverance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (mx) wrote: Only getting 2.5 cause it's a comic book movie.

Manny C (fr) wrote: Mark Wexler, a capital C conservative photojournalist, puts his camera on his famous dad, cinematographer extraordinaire Haskell Wexler, then 83 years old, in an attempt to come to terms with him and find out how love and mutual respect can blossom from fractious differences. It's a stunning piece of personal documentation--funny and unforgettable.

Katie L (mx) wrote: Not a bad movie, but the reveal near the end was just strange.

AJ G (kr) wrote: This was not a bad movie. In fact I rather liked the spin they put on the classic fairtale. BUT this movie was extremely long (3hrs.) and the plot did not progress quickly by any means making it seem even longer than it already was.

JHound R (mx) wrote: I really enjoyed this thriller and I thought it was written very well. The film created both suspense and humor in a very well orchestrated manner. A great thing about this film is that after it was over there were many lines that were great to quote. Not every film can say they have that effect. With that being said, I was quite surprised to see this movie had only an 80% audience score here on rotten tomatoes. I would highly recommend this movie to almost anyone who enjoys watching movies.

William M (mx) wrote: If my coeach was as ugly as this one, I might wanna win and graduate fast too

Brianna (us) wrote: i love this movie every time i watch it i cry

Jesse F (mx) wrote: Arnold Schwarzenegger shows a more soft side in Kindergarten cop, then his usual action flicks. Good-hearted and refreshing. I liked it.

Marlon I (br) wrote: While not the worse animated film i've seen this year, it was only just a Average film. Not the bad movie i thought it could have been. Some scenes were there to make those who saw it in 2D wish that they saw it in 3D, but its whatever. The last 25 mins were at least entertaining! The animation looked fantastic on the animals! But on the Humans (except the main one) the animation looked terrible. The endcredits were creative tho! Grade: C

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Zack B (it) wrote: An absolute masterpiece. The opening is one of the most intense and thrilling openings to any film I've ever seen. It's far beyond it's time and it seems to have inspired a plethora of thrillers. It's sophistication at it's time is unparalleled. Fritz Lang is a master of cinema.

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