Shoot First... Ask Questions Later

Shoot First... Ask Questions Later

In the 19th century, when the Japanese Emperor sends a gift pony to the US President it gets stolen and ransomed by Indians but Sheriff Gideon aided by an inept Japanese servant offers to deliver the ransom.

In 19th century the Japanese Emperor sends a gift pony to the US President. The pony is stolen and ransomed by Indians. Sheriff Gideon aided by an inept Japanese servant who believes he is a true Samurai offers to deliver the ransom money. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shoot First... Ask Questions Later torrent reviews

Austin G (au) wrote: Though this furthers the story, it does nothing more.

Mohammed A (nl) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Alejandro L (ca) wrote: Me gust esta pelcula, es muy latina para el pblico americano, la historia de Hector Lavoe es la historia de la salsa, me impact, me gust la msica y la evolucin del personaje en las canciones fueron un acierto. Lo unico malo es que la estrella termina siendo Jeniffer Lopez y Marc hace un papel muy insipido.

Jason P (ru) wrote: The plot transitions were a bit choppy, and there were too many unlikeable male characters. An excellent snapshot of the lives of desperate people in a small village, though

Adam F (fr) wrote: A great mockumentary. A classic Canadian comedy. Two best friends party after one learns he has testicular cancer. The "white trash" comedy normally doesn't work, but this film portrays it so well. A very funny movie that is still enjoyable after multiple viewings

Roberto T (br) wrote: Gian Maria Volonte' e Ennio Fantastichini straordinari in un film intenso e di grande impegno civile, dove i silenzi pesano come macigni.A great and intense Italian drama not to be missed.

Dan F (gb) wrote: One of the most unexpectedly brilliant films I've ever seen. Don't die without having watched this film!!!

John T (kr) wrote: Ok 70's action flick

Al H (ru) wrote: A classic comedy from the mastermind of Mel Brooks.A must see.

Robert H (ca) wrote: Better than all previous movies (except the 1st) but still has much to be desired... that the future entries will pick up on.

Justin H (ag) wrote: The mish-mash of different game plots, and a random stupid appearance of ONE monster that was part of a psychology belonging to a male character from one of the games. It makes no sense, and if you don't understand the various references and source materials, it makes even less sense. This is not recommended to the casual viewer as they'll be lost. And just not recommended at all for the Silent Hill fan, as they'll be made to be quite upset. Do not watch this, just go play one of the games, and be happy.

Jeff B (au) wrote: A decent seriocomic 80's flick.

Bud L (nl) wrote: not a bad movie all give it a 4

Vasco M (gb) wrote: A confident movie whose character and uniqueness overshadow some of the amateurish quirks of its animation.