Shoot First, Die Later

A police lieutenant suddenly faces the consequences of his choice to part for the local mobs.

When the father and girlfriend are murdered, the police officer sets out for revenge. A police lieutenant on the take is ordered by the mob to destroy an incriminating report, which the lieutenant's proud father knows about

Shoot First, Die Later is a funny movie of Fernando Di Leo (screenplay), Sergio Donati (story). The released year of this movie is 1974. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, for example Luc Merenda, Richard Conte, Delia Boccardo, Raymond Pellegrin, Gianni Santuccio, Vittorio Caprioli, Salvo Randone, Rosario Borelli, Monica Monet, Gino Milli, Elio Zamuto, Loris Bazzocchi, Marcello Di Falco, Massimo Sarchielli, Marisa Traversi. The kind of movie are Crime. The rating is 6.7 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie torrents. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends

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Users reviews

Alex r (ca)

However, you'll probably walk away from this one wanting a bit as well. Despite this, it still is an entertaining film, and if you enjoy the genre, it's worth seeing. Cleanskin has some engaging moments, but it suffers from a script that seems a bit rushed, and disjointed. The film is engaging for the post part, but you're left wanting more as well, therefore it's never really that memorable either. The film has a good story, but like I said, it could have been better. Luckily the cast more than made up for the film's lack in truly engaging storytelling. I liked the film, even if it fell short at times. Nonetheless, there are enough effective elements at work to make this an engaging and worthy viewing experience. I felt that some of the ideas could have been better structured in order to make for an even more solid genre film. Cleanskin is a good film, but it does fall short of what it could have been. However, I do that at times, the film's script could have been rewritten a bit to really make the ideas stand out. Like, I said, the film is pretty good for what it tries to accomplish. Sean Bean delivers yet again a solid performance, and he more than makes up for the film's shortcomings. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a good action thriller, this one delivers something quite worthwhile for viewers that enjoy the genre, and there are some pretty good performances here as well. Cleanskin works well enough to keep you involved in the story, but at times, it does falter and you can see that there aspects of the story that could have been improved upon. Cleanskin is an interesting action thriller with some pretty good performances from its cast, and is aided with an engaging storyline and good direction

Arthur V (us)

If I have to explain to you why this movie is awesome, you lack the understanding of what makes a film 'cool'

Ben C (it)

A bit of a cash grab if you ask me

Christopher M (nl)

And great film-making. Interesting subject. Great acting all around. Don't worry though, he is a good guy. The main character is a member of the SS who is personally involved with killing Jews. An interesting movie about the Catholic church and the Nazi regiem

Eric H (it)

A film that suffers from a climate with a bit more political correctness. There are moments that are funny, but really, the chemistry between Wilder and Pryor is all that carries this film that is somewhat offensive to the deaf and blind in this country. Though the police are not interested in their testimony, the perpetrators of the crime are, and come after them to kill them. Wilder and Pryor play a deaf man and a blind man respectively who witness a murder

Konrad A (it)

You can't go wrong with Adam Sandler he is the man! He makes good movies! It's a funny movie

Kurt F (it)

The last half hour is the best, and that is the only reason why I didn't give it zero stars. I thought there might be something at the end, but not really. Very little happens in the film and I kept wondering why I was watching it. I could do this kind of acting because all you have to do is show no emotion. Completely monotone and stoic. I call Peter Fonda's acting in this film, "clint Eastwood" style. I think the acting is bad too. The film is just plain boring. 1/4/14 Thanks a lot critics for giving this film such a high rating and making me waste 2 hours of my life

Leslie C (br)

What is fantasy and what is real???

Matthew D (es)

It treads familiar territory as the billionth coming-of-age story with a mediocre script , yet Jordana Beatty's "supermegatotallythrilladelic"(as the titular character states) performance keeps the unoriginal and rather bland script seem almost half-okay

omar m (ag)

just like lifes twists and turns, its a race to the finish