Shoot the Duke

Shoot the Duke

When mardukas switches sides,the order to whack him is given pretty fast,but who can you trust to really shoot the duke?

When mardukas switches sides,the order to whack him is given pretty fast,but who can you trust to really shoot the duke? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brendan N (fr) wrote: hit and miss blumhouse production. pedestrian storyline and dull film

Nathan C (gb) wrote: How The Fuck Are Critics Giving these movies Positive Reviews,It didn't have one redeem to it, Dull Acting, Stupid Story, Awful Script, Lame Scenery and Crap load of fuck messages.I... Hate... This... Movie!Score: 1/10

Shani P (br) wrote: I liked this, the old style, road tripping, fruit picking, that I know the places she is in, a lot of things about it. Great Australian film I think!

Carlos Z (ru) wrote: Very cute movie and comical.

Lauren B (us) wrote: I strongly recommend this film for girls between the ages of 8 and 13.. anything bellow or above would surely be bored. Cheesey as anything, with poor acting and lame story. But hey, if it keeps the kids happy, who can go wrong?

LuisFelipe Z (ru) wrote: Ayer fue el mi tercer intento por terminarla y llegu (C) casi a la media hora. Juro que si vienen con Lolapalooza me la memorizo.Ideal para: Inception no es la realizacin de sus sueos.

Sean R (kr) wrote: VERY funny Canadian mockumentary. One of the most quotable movies around.

Greg J (ag) wrote: Worth seeing for Alan Arkin. In a word this movie was awkward.

John B (fr) wrote: Someone recently told me that Jessica Lange has trouble acting. This and Frances prove the opposite. Lange is tremendous as Patsy Cline.

Stephen E (kr) wrote: Like so many other buddy cop films from the 70s, "Busting" is seriously misguided and bears all the trademarks of a director experimenting with social taboos. Plus, it's severely lacking in almost every aspect designed to make it an enjoyable experience. Elliot Gould and Robert Blake sleepwalk through their roles and have a laughably low amount of chemistry together, even though they do share a few great, but woefully short-lived scenes set in a public bathroom. As well, Peter Hyams' flatfooted direction cripples the film's pace, which is hurt even more by a boring and confused screenplay. "Busting" just takes way too long to get started and when it finally does, it completely unravels and falls apart when it reaches its silly, poorly executed finale, which is embarrassingly free of suspense. I usually like giving older, lesser known films a chance, but this one deserves to stay forgotten.

Adam A (nl) wrote: "Men In Black" is a charming, buddy-cop action-comedy that delivers entertainment thanks to its good star chemistry from Jones and Smith but it doesn't really portray what the theories hold of the men in black, however it does it in its own way.