Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

The husband and wife acting team of Mae Feather and Julian Gordon is torn apart when he discovers she is having an affair with the screen comedian Andy Wilks.

The husband and wife acting team of Mae Feather and Julian Gordon is torn apart when he discovers she is having an affair with the screen comedian Andy Wilks. Mae hatches a plot to kill her husband by putting a real bullet in the prop gun which will be fired at him during the making of their new film, 'Prairie Love'. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David G (au) wrote: This tightly animated and action filled animated flick is fun, but suffers from quick pacing to scratches of poor writing.

Don N (it) wrote: Almost as good as a real movie.

Well A (ca) wrote: Meu primeiro filme do Studio Ghibli fez jus sua fama. Lindamente animado, com uma histria simples e personagens encantadores, desses que aquece o corao at o fim.

Paula L (br) wrote: Julie Delpy's movies are all just talk talk talk but this one is funny :)

Eduardo S (fr) wrote: excelente! muy pero muy buena, me alegraste el martes

Tasha S (nl) wrote: My fav Mary-Kate and Ashley movie.

Stevie S (ca) wrote: I may be in the minority but I fucking love this one!

Richard L (mx) wrote: This is a fake documentary / reality-tv movie shot in black and white about an independent film crew following a killer. It is interesting and ahead of it's time - think The Blair Witch Project (MYRICK and SANCHEZ 1999) concept with a Natural Born Killers (STONE 1994) storyline - but tedious (especially the first 30 minutes). Long monologue-like parts are separated by disturbing scenes and dark humor.

Lori B (us) wrote: Metropolitan is Manhattan's version of Eric Rohmer's Boyfriends & Girlfriends. It's a witty, talky feature totally devoid of sympathetic characters that manages to be interesting anyway. I liked it enough to want to see the rest of Whit Stillman's trilogy.

Jessica B (es) wrote: Not for the faint hearted, impolite warriors on a prowl for good ol-blood thirsty revenge. Returning home to his village he finds his people slaughtered, then staked. A movie told about the past of how strong the maori culture were in order to past the european society. Location shots were made in the King Country, South Island, considered very sacred to the maori people located near-by. Good viewing doubt any of my friends would watch it, 'oh wel...

FilmGrinder S (ca) wrote: 62%"I thought you'd be dying to see me."-Alma/Eva (Alice Krige)A necrophilia story: Secret Of The Ooze"Dance with me, you little toad."-Eva

Charlie G (kr) wrote: When I first saw this it was much better (1975). How time changes ones perception. Still delightful and something good for the kids.

Simon D (kr) wrote: One of the best carry-on films I've seen. Sid James is firmly estabilishing himself as an ever-present from this point on and Kenneth Williams shows that he does have more strings to his bow that what I've seen before. Charles Hawtree is hilarious and the whole film is pretty funny too.

Akira J (gb) wrote: Brilliant movie. The 1st psychological film to rope me in. The movie starts of slow, but as it progresses on you wanna know what's really going on here. The subplot of this movie works well with the main story and makes the movie even more intriguing. This movie just knows how to keep you guessing. And for a film that came out in the 1990's the effects, especially the gore effects, are amazing.

Jeff T (gb) wrote: Just brilliant satire of the fashion industry!