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Shop Spoiled

One day in the lives and loves of the staff in a large department store.

One day in the lives and loves of the staff in a large department store. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Qi Z (de) wrote: This is a a deep rumination and acute observations of what ills us in life. The setup is an urban school in its daily business of managing order in classrooms. The viewpoints are multiple and largely unharmonized, yet they all offer a vision of pain and suffering. The particulars differ, yet the sense of individual isolation in a chaotic and uncaring universe is unified through the elegiac tone of the movie. The sense of existential despair is responded by the stoic Mr. Barthes who endures and carries on his duty to be a good teacher and a decent human being. Yet his Kantian Imperatives is honed by deep schism in psyche and memory. He reminds me of Detective Cole in True Detective Season 1. Somber and suffering souls bear witness of life honorably, dutifully, yet without false hope. The one critical scene we see Barthes read among the detritus and chaos around him. The order of the universe lies in his life of mind instead of the sensory life itself. Embodied in moral imperatives, Mr. Barthes is the essential stoic's "ataraxia", a serene calmness against all the odds yet not detached from the love of life itself. What marks this movie from any other happier-ending ones is the absolute confidence in the present: The danger lies in the joyful tears of Erica rushing toward him. One fears more pain than joy in the universe however the beautiful sunset in the shaded grove looked at that moment of embrace.

Alex B (au) wrote: Never mind the moral or psychological aspects, which are beside the point (and which are a petty bourgeois view of the subject). And don't think of it as an exception--except insofar as it allows exceptional insight into "normal" monopoly/finance capitalism. Marx wrote: "The finance aristocracy, in its mode of acquisition as well as in its pleasures, is nothing but the resurrection of the lumpenproletariat at the top of bourgeois society." Enron confirms it.

Paul D (gb) wrote: A really good example of how to make a quality low-budget film, but within its genre it is average.

Cathryn D (gb) wrote: Sean Patrick Flanery is a GOD!!

Thrse F (nl) wrote: Not at all interested

Eric H (es) wrote: This film should be re-evaluated, and Gary Oldman should have received the Oscar for it. His portrayal of Jackie Flannery, a wild, violent young gangster with an ethereal tender streak - is simply phenomenal.

Graydon B (kr) wrote: A pretty funny and entertaining little classic!

Algernon N (es) wrote: So horrifically bad, on about 5 different levels, that it makes for absolutely riveting viewing. The heads of Ray Milland and Rosie Grier on one body, riding a motorcycle? Pure, utter, terrible, genius.

jay n (kr) wrote: Average costumer with Ty starting off an adventurer looking for the best of it but redeeming himself in the end. Orson in a role that unfortunately is far to small comes off best with an enjoyable mixture of humor and malevolence, some of his outfits though defy understanding!

Matt G (gb) wrote: Lee handles melodrama about as gracefully as an after-school special. Even with a decent plot, bundles of style, and timely themes, Lee just can?t get the awful dialogue and poor acting out of the way?.and if I never hear a Seal song again, it will be too soon. A heavy-handed bummer.

Matt H (ru) wrote: The best of the original POTA movies I've seen so far (last two to go). So weird and parts are so dated, and yet there's still enough universality to mostly still hold up.

HungYa L (fr) wrote: Have seen You've Got Mail so many times since I first watched it. Probably the best Nora Ephron movie in my opinion. Taught me a lot about bookshops and children books and even Godfather. Classic.

Zach L (it) wrote: A nice prsych thriller. He plays the supposedly crazy man , who insterts inside a family and preses them to do a series of stupid tasks . But the reality is in the end ! (watch the movie ...)

Claire T (nl) wrote: it was an ok movie, it's watchable but I don't think I'll watch it again though, it was an ok movie, it was directed by John Pasquin, it was an ok film but I don't want it on DVD, I expected better