Short Grass

Short Grass

Steve Llewellyn hung up his guns after killing a man in self-defense, left Willow Creek and went on the drift for five years. Now he’s back. And the bad blood stirred up by his return and the violence caused by a cattleman’s grab for all the good grasslands mean Steve must strap on his sidearms again. Rod Cameron -- who became a marquee draw with a pair of espionage serials in the 1940s and went on to establish himself as a popular cowboy star -- makes Steve a hero to reckon with in Short Grass, one of the actor’s 10 films with busy shoot-‘em-up director Lesley Selander. Johnny Mack Brown, a sagebrush stalwart in his own right, plays the marshal who allies with Steve. Adding to the Western pedigree is costar Cathy Downs, who plays the title role in the iconic My Darling Clementine. Buffs will note other familiar faces, including Alan Hale, Jr., well remembered as the skipper who takes a “three-hour tour” to Gilligan’s Island.

Steve Lewellyn (Rod Cameron), a drifter, comes into New Mexico just as it is about to be opened up to the law and to commerce by the oncoming railroad, but where a gun is still the deciding... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fortalea S (it) wrote: I hope more filipino can watch it...

Ed Fucking H (us) wrote: Not really very exceptional, but decent. Apparently based on a 'true' urban legend involving a school bus full of children colliding with a train and thus killing every child on the bus. Legend has it that when you stop your car in front of the tracks, the ghosts of the children will push your car across the tracks. As it turns out, the story is true. There is also the ghost train conducter, who doesn't take kindly with teenagers hanging around the tracks and doesn't mind showing them his disapproval in increasingly violent ways. Pretty generic, but also pretty entertaining. Does feature some okay gore, nothing groundbreaking but decent. A lot of the acting was sub par, but this is low budget horror so was about what I was expecting. The movie is paced well, and I was legitamately surprised by the ending. Worth a watch for horror fans. Doesn't reinvent the wheel, but manages to not insult my intelligence also.

Adam T (ag) wrote: Clearly made very economically, this felt a bit too 'over-intellectualized' to be truly enjoyable entertainment. That's not to say that the cerebral cannot be entertaining but come on, a bunch of science students dressed like mormons and espousing the merits of their science project with endless gobbledygook can lose a not overly attentive viewer. Sedate the pleasure principle and leave your brawn at the door...

Andrea V (us) wrote: Depressing, but this is your average America with people struggling to be something more than numbers.

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Greg P (au) wrote: Ah the 80's, what a wonderful time for cinema. Great acting, smart and funny stories, and the advances made in the area of visual and sound effects. Unfortunately, this movie isn't exactly a prime example of those things. Overall, the concept isn't bad and there is some pretty nice action at times. The acting is not what most would consider top-notch but you shouldn't expect that from a movie of this genre and budget either. I'd say check it out.

K D (ru) wrote: I thought this was an enjoyable, comedic movie, but I actually felt a little "disturbed" in a way, while watching it. It really deals with what anyone would do given certain circumstances involving money and fame and its sad that even the most strongest things can crumble at times. What I really felt bad about was how Dino actually got with Orville's wife and that reminds of the jerks today who can move in and take any girl they please. It still was a great movie however, great performances, but I just couldn't hide the fact that I came away a little angry.

tori h (es) wrote: i love this movie also cause it is just like me

Jamie C (ca) wrote: I pitty the fool who doesn't love this film(Sorry) Mr T plays a great villain, The fights had more action that worked great even if they were over the top, Less drama but still a great sequel.

Martin H (es) wrote: Trop "americain". Dommage, car l'idee etait bonne.

Paul J (au) wrote: Bandits is an okay crime comedy. I didn't expect a whole lot, so it was a somewhat pleasant surprise to see that it wasn't a complete waste of time. The acting was okay,for the most part and Billy Bob Thornton was really good. Bruce Willis and especially Cate Blanchett were just dull to me. For what Bandits is, it's a fun and entertaining ride.Terry and Joe break out of prison and begin a string of bank robberies to fund their paradise in Mexico. Their highly successful and soon the whole country knows who they are. A woman shows up and complicates things as they often do.