Short Term 12

Short Term 12

At a foster-care facility for at-risk teenagers, Grace is a young counselor trying to do her best for kids who often have been pulled from the worst kinds of home situations. Even then, life is not easy as Grace and her colleagues care for kids who are too often profoundly scarred, even as they try to have lives of their own. Now, things are coming to a head as Grace readies for marriage even as some her charges are coming to major turning points in their lives. To cope, Grace will have to make difficult perceptions and decisions that could put her career, and more importantly her charges, at dire risk. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Short Term 12 torrent reviews

Nick U (fr) wrote: 11/17/16 Netflix DVD Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek and Bill Murray, how can you go wrong and this movie didn't. Sweet, compelling and with gentle humor, though at times a little slow, this movie holdsb your heart and interest. Tho we all could throw our own funeral and set our records straight. This movies proves you can entertain with just a good yarn and there is no need for vulgarity, violence sex or CGI enhancement. Much like the actual backwoods folklore of old, this movie is worth seeing as well as hearing.

Robin M (de) wrote: the last best one from him

Ken T (br) wrote: Bruce has done some weird crap before, but this was out there. Worst than Bubba Hotep

Marco B (gb) wrote: classic with a lot of good actors

Michael L (ca) wrote: A moving and interesting film. Very well acted. That said, it painted a very harsh view of ultra-orthodox life, unnecessarily demonizing some of its characters and not showing the love of god and way of life many love.

Deven W (it) wrote: Tremendously cliched and stupid as fuck

Michael D (us) wrote: I liked it alright. The style is familiar

Harvey M (jp) wrote: It's a movie that shouldn't keep my attention but manages entirely.

Tara V (de) wrote: Danny Peary's book Cult Movies was helpful with this one partly just because the summary helped me straighten out the plot. Not that it's messed up; I just didn't get it. Interesting points of his essay:-American 'political' films mostly reinforce American ideology; films like this actually present a contrary paradigm: imperialism, nationalism, racist policies, guerrilla warfare are all connected.-about tactics instead of events-really a commentary on contemporary American events (burning in Nam, systematic removal of American First Nations people, CIA involvement in overthrowing governments hostile to USA).-Walker can't see beyond the white gentleman's games he plays to the real effects the black slaves are living - just doesn't get it and thus deserves to get stabbed.

Will H (ru) wrote: Hitler, Hiroshima, Frankenstein and a big burrowing Kaiju named Baragon all in the same movie! Pretty crazy stuff, and yet, it feels so right.

Kristen K (ag) wrote: only seen half of the origional

Tristan M (fr) wrote: I was pleastly surprised by this movie, it was simple, well done and interesting. It got to the chase right away but the first 45 minutes we kinda slow, and it's this section of the film that brings my rating down. It drags out convorsations, and some of them are boring to begin with anyway. They argue a bunch, and the film doesn't seem to be going anywhere. And for the amount of days they're stuck there they dont seem to be very concerned about food, water, or heat in the least. But eventually an actual fight happens, and stuff gets interesting. One guy is apparently dead, the other begins to lose his mind and digs a hole for his buddy, when suddenly his buddy wakes up! After being 'dead' all night and not breathing be came back to life and seems rather ok, although he as no idea what happened tht got them in this situation (even though it wa his fault). They then walk and walk, eventually finding water and getting a phone call that saves them. The film them shows them at home, with all their lives problems that they had talked about so much about while being stranded being sorted out. Their lives where going so well that at the end of the film one of the guys calls the other one and asks "Is this really real? It all seems to perfect. A part of me thinks that we're still out there in the desert." A great way to end the movie, and either ending is entirely possible when all the facts are put into play. So it was a good movie, it could have slotted the first half, or made is more about survival than sitting and doing nothing but in total it was good.

Leo L (de) wrote: A for effort, C for realization.

Jeff C (gb) wrote: One of my all-time favorite films.

Augustine H (jp) wrote: I really enjoy the circus show part. The somehow "unreasonable" events, Al Pacino and the crowd's reaction are hilarious to watch. The ending is shocking but somehow predictable.

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