A young boy's discovery of a colorful, wish-granting rock causes chaos in the suburban town of Black Falls when jealous kids and scheming adults alike set out to get their hands on it.

In the little town of Black Falls, every house looks the same and almost everyone works for Black Box Unlimited Worldwide Industries. Then, a wish-granting rock falls from the sky causing chaos in the town when jealous kids and scheming adults alike set out to get their hands on it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shorts torrent reviews

dsfwe s (au) wrote: This sounds like a very good movie to see!!

David S (br) wrote: Terrific thriller. Sean Bean at his best

Ricardo M (ca) wrote: Vrios curtas/vinhetas em um longa-metragem. Se vistos em separado, suas qualidades so melhor realadas, ao passo que em conjunto despertam mais monotonia do que realmente se pretendia.

Tim M (kr) wrote: Nicolas Cage is sublime as Yuri Orlav, a man examining the morality of his work, but too far gone to hope for any formof retribution. This is the blackest of satires.

Adriano B (ca) wrote: Twilight Japanese Idol style: frigid like a dead body, while the stars appears heavily chirurgically lifted, there's not much anything else up-lifting to find in the story.

Kenie J (it) wrote: unrealistic and silly with no real moral or story line,

Johnny M (br) wrote: Brilliant film. Excellent story telling, acting and direction.

Jacob F (ru) wrote: Pointless remake of the classic horror film. The Carrie remake is forgettable and just far too average for its own good. I really like Chloe Grace Morets but she is so miscast here, it's kind've laughable.

John B (de) wrote: Chevalier always came across to me as a bit too slick for his own good but this is nonetheless a very cute and memorable film. Something nice to curl up by the fire with on a cold night.

Caitlin L (br) wrote: Not as funny as I thought it would be. Kind of stupid.