Shot Through the Heart

Shot Through the Heart

The horrors of war are examined from the view points of lifelong friends (Linus Roache, Vincent Perez), who end up on opposing sides in the civil war in Sarajevo. One is an expert marksman, who trains the snipers used to terrify the city and the other becomes a freedom fighter, who rejects his friend's offer to gain an escape from the city. As might be expected, the two eventually have to face-off against one another.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:civil war,   russia,   train,  

The horrors of war are examined from the view points of lifelong friends (Linus Roache, Vincent Perez), who end up on opposing sides in the war in Sarajevo. One is an expert marksman, who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shot Through the Heart torrent reviews

Ben C (ca) wrote: This movie..... was awful.

Firas D (us) wrote: wow this was insane had a lot if blood and gore very scary until you find out who the killer is

Sebastian H (es) wrote: Usual movie about people crossing paths, and multiculturalism and immigration, but with great acting and some really dramatic moments, overall I kinda liked it, but it's nothing special

Sadman M Z (br) wrote: Must learn something from this movie......

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: Two jilted lovers team up to get revenge on their ex's --- what do you think happens next? The execution of the plotline plays much better than the description, trust me, in this cute little black comedy/romance. Give it a chance, you'll be glad you did.

Noah S (mx) wrote: It is no Big Lebowski, but Fargo has very funny and very violent parts that really impress.

Ken F (mx) wrote: Film lama tentang konstruksi sosial-budaya-agama terhadap janda-janda di India, yang diinspirasi oleh Chuyia, seorang anak yang menikah dan menjadi janda sejak usia 8 tahun. There goes your girl, Gandhi :)

Sarah G (br) wrote: One of my fav films xxx

Thomas M (au) wrote: What the Greeks accomplished in oral tradition translates to screen. Fantasy merges with subtlety without getting lost in special effects or coy doublespeak. Thus begins my love affair with Jean Cocteau.

Cody C (fr) wrote: Great movie, hell of a thing

Leonardo Malacay S (mx) wrote: El monstruo de Frankenstein ahora con nombre, grgolas y demonios estos elementos son suficientes para un rato entretenido

Steven K (mx) wrote: it feels like a true story but it is not it has funny parts and sad parts but at the of the day it is a enjoyable movie

Blake P (au) wrote: Yes! When usually violent Detective Mark Dixon (Andrews) accidentally kills a suspect while solving a murder case, he does everything to cover it up, especially from the victim's separated wife Morgan (Tierney), when her father is accused of the killing. He spins a web to keep anyone from knowing-- will he fess up or will he get away with it? "Where the Sidewalk Ends" was something I really wanted to see after watching Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney in the famous 1944 classic "Laura" and thank goodness-- this one lived up to my expectations. Complicated plots are something I like to see in film noir, and luckily, this is one of them. As the web of lies Mark Dixon created gets bigger, Andrews' performance just gets better and better, as well as Tierney, who immediately becomes emotional when her father is sentenced for the crime. The cool little score for this movie emphasizes the realness of this movie, and how unpredictable life can become. "Where the Sidewalk Ends" is one of the best Fox Film Noirs, and anyone who loved "Laura" will really like this.

Sanal R (mx) wrote: Very effective procedural drama, Eastwood's touch makes it a complete worth-watch