A raw urban drama about two friends raised on the dangerous streets of Kingston, Jamaica. Biggs and Wayne take on the "Shotta" way of life to survive. As young boys, they begin a life of crime, eventually moving to the US where they begin a ruthless climb from the bottom. They remain bound to each other by their shottas loyalty as they aggressively take control of the Jamaican underworld.

The film tells the story of two young men, Biggs and Wayne and their crime connected to selling drugs and extortion, hence the title. The crimes which start off in Jamaica then move to USA. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shottas torrent reviews

oxana (es) wrote: This one seems really intriguing; the theme, the characters... I totally want to see this novie!

L Y (ru) wrote: Interesting movie with an interesting take. I like the video game concept throughout the movie. Not the best in depth information - it covers a little bit of everything throughout the movie so it's a good starting point for someone who doesn't know too much about how the illegal drug market works and why the system in place in America is the way is it.

Matthew B (ag) wrote: Jim Carrey doesn't believe in vaccinations. He and his movies are idiotic

Marcos F (fr) wrote: Es una pelcula extraordinaria, llena de sentimiento . Imperdible.

Conor M (ca) wrote: i'm a sucker for these kind of autobiographies. it wasn't amazing, but it was different enough and interesting and personal and that deserves props

Parker R (ag) wrote: The combination of the casts engaging charisma, outstanding stunt work, exhilirating action scenes and delightful humor makes Supercop a fun film from start to finish.

Jamie C (de) wrote: A good war film no real plot to the film but it didn't need one it kept us entertained all the way through, Good acting and the humour made me enjoy the film more, It's no Platoon but a very good enjoyable film.

Erik W (nl) wrote: A guilty pleasure of mine because it's always nice to see Raquel Welch. Jim Brown and Burt Reynolds are good to and there is plenty of action set to a great score by Jerry Goldsmith.

Brad S (es) wrote: - I love this film-noir, and it looks great on blu-ray. Both Mitchum and Douglas are excellent in this and it's a MUST watch for classic cinema lovers!- One of the all-time classic film noirs...any film buff absolutely needs to see this. Great performances from Mitchum and Douglas and directed with great atmosphere by Tourneur. Check it out!

Cameron T (mx) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever seen. The acting and story line was so bad that I turned off after 20 minutes

Yash B (br) wrote: It's not a bad movie but it isn't anything special. The premise is really simple and the movie never soars. Still I enjoyed the visuals and think it's a good time.

Lee M (mx) wrote: This is - gasp! - a Hollywood movie actually daring to bare its teeth at silly American flag-waving.

MarcAndr M (gb) wrote: More disjointed than Smoke, Blue in The Face actually disappointed me despite some good cameos and an enjoyable performance by Keitel. Kind of an homage to Brooklyn, it has some charm, but lacks the script and the structure from Smoke, and is just not as funny as it intends to be.