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Phillip S (gb) wrote: An interesting look into the mind of an interesting director.

Ergo Sum J (es) wrote: Despite its B classification by fans and pundits alike, Centurion provides a balance of entertainment and reenactment of a period of British history - Roman Britain. The best way to watch it is as a different version of Apocalypto - the trial and tribulation of a man hunted down, in this case it is not Mayan warriors chasing down out of revenge a backwater hunter who shamed them but a Roman centurion chased by the "barbaric" Pict warriors bent on revenge. It is worth the watch.

Jonathan M (de) wrote: Saw this a while ago, but remember really enjoying it. It had a great look and feel. the characters were awesome and the action was top notch. Unique film, too.

Jeff M (kr) wrote: Amazing DVD of a bunch of directors making a short film with the first camera ever made.

Jonathan B (ag) wrote: All storys just ended, some were boring and pointless, a waste of time

Grant S (au) wrote: Decent horror-thriller, but could have been far better.Based on a Stephen King novel, the story of a possessed, evil car that harms and/or kills its ownersand anyone associated with them. The movie started very well, withheaps of intrigue and you wondering where this will all lead.However, it doesn't really lead anywhere overly profound or original.The movie simply becomes a vigilante movie, and then a standard actionmovie (just with a car being the bad guy!). Last 40% of the movie isquite disappointing, especially after what came before.Overall though, intriguing and entertaining enough to be watchable. Nota must-see, but there are worse ways to spend your time.

Michael R (gb) wrote: Film-Noir Meets 1940's Gangster With High School Drug Dealers....??????

Kiel C (ag) wrote: A Christmas classic 20 minutes too long.

Timothy S (gb) wrote: WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?????? Why is Hollywood crapping on my childhood yet again?

Ashley M (us) wrote: It's a really good movie and I really enjoy watching it