Show Boat

Show Boat

Despite her mother's objections, the naive young daughter of a show boat captain is thrust into the limelight as the company's new leading lady.

Despite her mother's objections, the naive young daughter of a show boat captain is thrust into the limelight as the company's new leading lady. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dorianator F (de) wrote: What a cheesy movie. But, I guess it could be a good movie to showcase religious people trying to change people unwillingly.

Barry H (ru) wrote: Brought this DVD without knowing much about it I even put of watching it for a while but once I watched I was really suprised. The action sequences are breathtaking at times. The only thing is the ending seems a bit abrupt.

Gavin F (br) wrote: Stand aside Shaun of the Dead there is a funnier movie around. This had me spitting coke out of my nose it was so funny.

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Kevin M W (nl) wrote: Beautiful, stark images and a wondrous score do a lot to sell this French made sci-fi/detective hybrid (ala Blade Runner) that's unfortunately undercut by a script that's too standard film noir. The medium is stunning ... if only they'd concentrated a bit more on the story ...

Bret L (kr) wrote: I'm the people's choice!

Charles G (jp) wrote: Funny good hearted movie.. and a can't miss if your a Big Country Fan as they did the entire soundtrack.

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David J (nl) wrote: I didn't like the way the end of the movie dragged on. But from a 2013 perspective I liked watching Peck, Jannsen, Fransiscus, Crenna and Hackman, and the way the Soviets got involved. I noticed on the capsule of the Soviet ship the letters CCP. I remember those days and the letters CCCP represent USSR. They left out a C on the capsule.

Russell G (fr) wrote: This one was as much a documentary on the discovery of knock out gas, as it was a proper horror film. That said, it was still pretty great, with Boris as usual putting in a great performance.

Louise B (gb) wrote: An eerie silence seeps through this film and sinks into your bones. Breathtaking. Really.

Bartek F (it) wrote: Mathew MacFadyen plays a war zone photographer returning to his former his home town to attend his fathers funeral. Set in a small township in a remote area of the South Island of New Zealand. The film beautifully dramatizes the world weary Prior against the next generation who look to leave the town and experience the world for themselves. Paul's very presence creates a ripple effect across the close knit community. Some positive, some negative. Old family wounds are opened, youthful loves remembered, new relationships are forged and dark truths revealed. The storytelling is sophisticated, delicate and richly layered in such a way, that it easily deserves a second viewing. The performances from the entire cast are compelling, but none so as extraordinary as the lead performances by newcomer Emily Barclay (as Celia) and Mathew MacFadyen (as Paul Prior). The scenes between these two are simply mesmerizing. A pure joy to watch. This film achieves what few films can claim to, and that is, to create characters, which you totally believe are living flesh and blood. The film plays it's cards slowly and steadily at first, gradually drawing you deeper into it's web. Before long you are captivated and unable to prevent yourself from becoming emotionally involved. Works great both as a rich drama and thriller. Three and a half stars, out of four.

bjesna b (fr) wrote: the scene where he delivers papers... dont know why...