Show Boat

Show Boat

A dashing Mississippi river gambler wins the affections of the daughter of the owner of the Show Boat.

The daughter of a riverboat captain falls in love with a charming gambler, but their fairytale romance is threatened when his luck turns sour. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt A (it) wrote: A movie with Chihuahuas about relationship problems, class inequality, financial insolvency and racism. A good deal worse than the original.

Logan M (es) wrote: A likable movie with an unlikable main character, "Whatever Works" revamps Woody Allen's classic cynical honesty.

Paul S (ca) wrote: decent twist ending I guess

Ratih A (kr) wrote: My God..there's nothing bad in this movie. Beautifully well done.

Joshua L (gb) wrote: wasnt wwhat I expected and a little slow but the death scenes were pretty damn good.

Eric G (ru) wrote: it all ended so bad! that guy and his little sister could have had a different ending slow sometimes, its like.. a different stories and you know they are conecting at some point.. but it goes nowhere! arg!

Anastasia (gb) wrote: Slow, unnecessary parts, shark (14) LIBRARY, TV

Gabriel C (ag) wrote: October Sky is a sweet film with a great soundtrack and excellent performances.

Simon D (jp) wrote: This is an unusual film which I think was made, and the story was written for, the fact that the director wanted to make a film where colour and black and white images were mixed. This is a nice part of the film but I was looking for other messages too. There is a sort of race message at one point and I was thinking that it may be about the switch from black and white films/tv to colour but I might just be looking for something that isn't there. Still, a good film.

Scott W (nl) wrote: Very funny. Devito is witty and hilarious. Classic buddy comedy.

Valerie M (de) wrote: I liked it. It very funny in some parts, especially the bits making fun of the ridiculous excesses of television and the way it tries to cash in on nostalgia. The two main actors were wonderful, Giulietta Masina in particular. This is my first Fellini film, so I don't know how it compares to his others, but I think I want to see more.

Stephen C (ca) wrote: Rainer Werner Fassbinder was the most prolific of the new wave of German directors who came to the fore in the seventies.His body of work includes some masterpieces of film and this one is quite possibly one of his best.The film is a love letter to the director Douglas Sirk who during the 50s made seemingly simple Melodramas including all that Heaven Allows which deals with a similar subject to the one Fassbinder confronts here.Emmi is a lonley cleaning woman in her mid fifties ,who on one rainy night stumbles into a bar and meets Ali a young Morrocan who asks her to dance and then slowly begins to fall in love with her.They are soon married but they are confronted by bigotry from everyone around them from Emmis family to her neighbours and work colleagues.The film shows that Germany some 30 years after the war at that time was still a nation where foreign nationals were seen as nothing more than peasants.Fassbinder never fudges the issues in the film and he makes the love story faces its fair share of troubles as Emmi and Ali are ground down by the forces around them.The film is tender and warm and yet its not afraid to ask us questions about our own views on the subects of age and race.A film with plenty of meaning and depth it shows a director fearless in his approach.

Paul B (ag) wrote: Liked it. 80s references were great. Nothing epic but has moments.