Shôwa zankyô-den: Chizome no karajishi

Shôwa zankyô-den: Chizome no karajishi

Fourth film in the "Shôwa Zankyôden" series. This expression means duty, obligations, and rules obeyed by gangsters and outlaws in the pre-Shôwa era.

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Shôwa zankyô-den: Chizome no karajishi torrent reviews

Patrick D (ag) wrote: Starts out as an okay comedy and ends in cheesy melodrama.

Aaron M (kr) wrote: While Beastly may have it faults, it is still enjoyable thanks to Vanessa and Alex's chemistry, Olsen's awesome presence, Neil's humor, and its lack of conceiving to the other shallow love films that seem to be very present in modern media. However, the set up was just confusing, but its not a big deal when compared to the feeling throughout the rest of the film. Overall, Beastly may not be the best adaptation of its source material, but it still gets its message across and makes love the story.

Sumit S (br) wrote: An absolutely devastating portrayal of life in Communist Romania, 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days is an enthralling story of a young woman named Otilia & her roommate, Gabita, who are trying to transact an illegal abortion from a doctor volunteering to do the job at an unexpected price, that ultimately ends up being a far more tragic & nightmarish experience for both of them. Delivering powerful performances from the two girls, brilliant execution of the strong script as well as its morally troubling theme from the director & superb camerawork in capturing the bleak Romania of the 80s as well as long unsettling static handling of shots, 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days is a superb work of thought-provoking cinema & is a must for people who love taking their movies seriously.

Shawn W (es) wrote: very good movie...better than Precious, and extremely well performed.

Trinity C (ca) wrote: This sounds interesting...

Karl L (fr) wrote: Charming and sweet teen flick.

Jordan G (ag) wrote: I don't think I have ever been so amazed by an acting performance in my life. I have seen "La Vie en Rose" three or four times over the years. Each time, I am in awe of Marion Cotillard and more blown away. She absolutely became Edith Piaf in every way, from the body language to the facial expressions. In my opinion, it is the most well deserved Oscar win for an actor or actress. Considering the fact that she was relatively unknown in America at the time makes the Oscar win ever better. The film itself is very depressing, though. Pretty much everything Piaf experiences in this film is heartbreaking and shattering. She had a very sad and unfortunate life, mostly. Cotillard's performance alone makes the film all worth it, though.

Donibscottctcisnet D (fr) wrote: This movie is maybe a bit more appealing to some of the younger set, but too foul for the really younger ones. I found the acting to be less than provocative. The story line went lame very early on.

Vera S (es) wrote: This movie is soooo funny!

Leina V (ag) wrote: An unsettling movie with great performances from the two leads. It's a father-daughter version of "Leaving Las Vegas".

Brad S (kr) wrote: I hadn't seen this since I first saw it in theatres...and fell pretty much the same about it, though it's quite good, there's something lacking that keeps it from being great. First, the good, Hopkins and Hounsou are both outstanding, and there's some very powerful images, from a technical standpoint, Spielberg is a master. For me, some of theissues are that McConaughey was miscast, he's too modern seeming, and was never believable, also there some really cheesy or forced music segments where the score is trying to tell the audience how to feel, when it really isn't needed. Despite its flaws, it still worth watching, also interesting as Oscar competitors from 2013 Ejiofor and McConaughey share several scenes. Check it out.

Mara B (kr) wrote: I usually like my musicals with a little more plot, but this wasn't bad. Great soundtrack and a there are some really cool scenes -- a 10-minute, completely uncut, continuous music scene, where the camera flows with the main character weaving in and out the city streets, David Bowie dancing on a giant typewriter, and Ray Davies of the Kinks doing a musical number as the lead's father. The themes of racism, fascism, and corporate greed prove to be too heavy to juggle.

Jack Y (us) wrote: Not a very memorable political thrillersatire: Connery looks tired in his delivery though the message of greater powers using the media seems relevant today.

Candy R (us) wrote: aw lurve it!! rogers top form in this my fav ever!! x x x

Ryan D (au) wrote: I am a fan of musicals, but this one had no great songs. Feels like a typical 50s musical. People fall madly in love after just meeting someone. What I find most interesting is "the miracle" almost fell apart after just 2 days without any cause from the outside world.

ZACHO D (kr) wrote: A really solid flick with a surprise twist. A great highlight from Japan's golden era.

Kevin L (ca) wrote: Sweeping and epic with dazzling effects and maturing characters, The Goblet of Fire marks an emotionally powerful turning point in the Harry Potter franchise

Shirl H (jp) wrote: Still love this film.