Shôwa zankyô-den: Karajishi botan

Shôwa zankyô-den: Karajishi botan


The second chapter of the incredible "Show Zankyoden" series. This time Ken Takakura stars as Hidejiro Hanada, a wandering yakuza with a 'karashi botan' (Chinese lion and peony) tattoo. Owing a favor to the Soda Family, he kills the boss of the rival Sakaki Family and ends his obligation. After serving his time in jail, he befriends and works for the slain boss' wife and son. When the Soda attacks the Sakaki and double-crosses him, with sword in hand, Hidejiro seeks brutal retribution... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zach K (de) wrote: It didn't quite affect me like the original, but I'm still giving this little war film props for how well made it was.

Jace A (de) wrote: The blurb above is false. Just wasted an hour and a half going through what could be one of the worst movies ever, that does none of the description above. It is just 7 folk walking round a deserted London for 90 mins. lots of flashbacks and nothing what so ever explained. Oh My God it is terrible. Give it a super wide birth!!!!

Vincent T (es) wrote: This movie is so demented, I love it! This flick truly disturbed me in the best possible way!

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David B (mx) wrote: As a baseball movie, it's great , for anything else, it's bad. Personally, I love it.

Sue B (fr) wrote: A disappointing rendition of the children's story. But at least the girls were correctly portrayed.

Jayden C (gb) wrote: Interesting doco on one of my favourite directors and the trouble he had in getting the epic Fitzcarraldo off the ground (or water as this case may be). Could've done with some subtitled for the interviews with the native indians, heh, but oh well. Interesting stuff to see a man with so much DRIVE to articulate his dream and his vision. It's thoroughly inspiring but is the cost too much sometimes? He's a crazy man that Werner. The film is more about the physical demands of making the picture and strangely leaves out Klaus Kinski and all his insanity (although, to be fair, if you want to have a look at the check out the great doco by Werner Herzog on him called 'My Best Friend').

Morgan J (mx) wrote: I love this movie to bits, when I was 15, and when it was the holidays, I use to watch this movie every late night, and it never got tiersome, even though it has been cut to bits by the directors (meaning plot holes), Jackie Chans finest movie in my oppinion - unlike Jackies newest movies, this is very dramatic (although his newest movies are good too, but bit on the comical side). Jackies character in this movie is entrusted by someone high up with the book with the style of the Snake and Crane, and everyone wants the book. Brilliant film - go watch

Veronica S (ag) wrote: Buffalo creeped me out, especially the way he sounded. Movie was a different type of cowboy movie. I enjoyed it, even though I'm not much into westerns.

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Kenny N (jp) wrote: Great performances from all involved, but there's something missing from this that I can't quite put my finger on. I wouldn't mind seeing a 21st century remake.

Kenneth B (ru) wrote: Great stuff. I love Lumet, Pacino and Cazale and all are on fine form here. It's interesting just how well the level of intrigue is sustained pretty much without any lulls in a confined set, I always say that's a sign of great film making (just think of Rear Window). Pacino plays Sonny superbly, it's quite a touching experience to see this guy who is clearly in over his head slowly disintegrating, something which is accentuated by the moments of hope which are routinely pulled from underneath him. Cazale is more restrained but no less effective and in fact it is his character who provides the odd moment of well placed humour.