Showdown at Area 51

Showdown at Area 51

Two aliens who crash on Earth must find a buried weapon that will destroy the planet and their own society if not stopped.

Two aliens who crash on Earth must find a buried weapon that will destroy the planet and their own society if not stopped. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John X (br) wrote: I enjoyed this film. A fresh twist on the "reunion of friends" subgenre. A quirky group of friends get together for the weekend, narratedthrough the wisdom of a young girl, Joey. So much could be learned fromthe honest insight of a child, if only these characters weren't socaught up in their crazy and crumbling lives. I loved Chad, theeccentric and awkward nature photographer. The bond he forms with Joeydrives the story as they watch the tragic comedy unfold. The metaphorsof ravens, cinematography and music score strike the perfect mood.Standout performances by Will McCormack (Chad) and Johnny Sequoyah(Joey). Also notable, Joshua Leonard and the always lovely, Amy Smart.

Hannah T (us) wrote: Absolutely crap i wouldn't recommend anybody to watch this bag of shit the acting was shit the story made no sense the ending was terrible the list is endless I've seen some shit horror films in my time but this has to be one of the worst to be honest I'm being generous giving it a half a star i seriously regret buying it and i recommend nobody else does its a shit film and you will regret watching it.

Mandi L (de) wrote: You know, there are reasons why we haven't heard of so many of these...

Brandon W (it) wrote: Robin Hood: Men in Tights is a parody film directed by Mel Brooks and is based on the legend of Robin Hood. It didn't really made that many money, but it has a cult following for it, which after watching it, I can see why, but I wouldn't go out and say that it's as enjoyably funny as Mel Brook's previous parody films. Cary Elwes is having a lot of fun in this, and is probably the perfect guy to play Robin Hood. The humor is mostly a hit, but then there are some running jokes that weren't that funny, although there hasn't been a joke that I start to groan at. The villain is funny in it also, and the action scenes are entertaining to watch which they gave me some chuckles. So even though Robin Hood: Men In Tights isn't that much of a comedic classic as Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs, and Young Frankenstein, but I was still entertained by the film and just thought it was a good time.

Johnny S (br) wrote: that was the very amazing funny movie as starring tom selleck(of tv show "magnum p.i.")and very sexy lookin actress paula porizkova. funny, the romantic, the suspect thought killer moment.

Daniel P (ca) wrote: A good poppy film, Madonna playing herself.

Roger R (br) wrote: sums up a certain time and lifestyle - was the surprise best film at the Sydney film festival the year it was shown - due for a comeback

Greg W (ca) wrote: wasnt much different than the the original

Yessica P (es) wrote: I will always admire him,my #1 fan =)

Jose Miguel G (ca) wrote: As strong in style and atmosphere as it's also bizarre and unconventional, this vampire flick benefits from a heavily appealing main characters, but it struggles with a slow pacing rhythm and a lack of actual plot, which can only make some mainstream audiences to step away from it.

Caleb M (us) wrote: Cronenberg's RABID feel like a Canadian Night of the Living Dead, with a vampire-like "host" to the film's bloodthirsty disease with some icky special effects (think a VIDEODROME prototype). At times it's genuinely freaky, and at tomes it seems to be coasting on the expectations of it's genre, but it's never dull and it's got a lot more going on than most early works by Cronenberg's peers.

Tyler W (ag) wrote: WORST OF THE SERIES BY FAR!!

Joe W (ca) wrote: While not what i thought it was and ambitious for something that you can tell was filmed with absolutely no budget this movie still completely sucks. Some of the sloppiest film making and writing and at points is just down right boring. Not worth the time it took to watch it and is kind of a text book example of why cam films have gotten to stagnated .