Showdown at the Cotton Mill

Showdown at the Cotton Mill

The Wu Tang hire a formidable leg fighter Kao to fight the Saholin Loyalist Hu Hui Chien

The Wu Tang hire a formidable leg fighter Kao to fight the Saholin Loyalist Hu Hui Chien . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Showdown at the Cotton Mill torrent reviews

Ross B (au) wrote: Just a totally ridiculous film that proves that anything that could go wrong usually happens. George Segal does a great job who is tortured by his mother and can't get a life of his own. But the true star of this film is Ruth Gordon, who is amazing as the absolutely nuts mother. Fun movie to watch.

Benedikt F (ru) wrote: solid, well-acted thriller with interesting characters. Unfortunately, they forgot the third act and the film disappointingly just ends after 75 minutes, just when things are about to get interesting.

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Jon V (fr) wrote: My god some of the ppl on here are moronic this doco isnt about music in slums pull your head out of your ass and watch it again shezz! Just watch it.

Julia S (de) wrote: Javier Bardem brilliant as always. A great tragic comedy that made me laugh from the bottom of my heart and cry my eyes out all in 1.5 hrs... I don't think this film could leave anyone indifferent.

Lucas M (br) wrote: This is one of the more painful movies I've watched. The exaggerated storyline, wooden acting, and too much star power for its own good. Steer clear of this chick flick.

Robert I (ru) wrote: Oh, the documentary... Not my favorite genre. But I was surprised by the interesting and engaging story this film ended up telling. While I am most annoyed by the animation cut aways for hitting the hammer too hard on the head, the breakout scene in the film is when the narrator reveals to her mother that she's a stripper. That is drama you cannot write. Fantastic. I have to admit, this film was pretty inspiring.

Leo K (mx) wrote: Oh yeah I rmemeber this one, It pretty well done except I didn't like the explanation at the the end and what 'H' refers to. All a little too convenient if interesting twist. Good film though.

Alasdair B (ca) wrote: "Driving Miss Daisy" is a classic film directed by Bruce Beresford. The cast is lead by Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy. The film takes place in a time when African American's were still unfairly treated. Despite the law, the blacks were not allowed to vote, and many of them were looked down upon by many whites. Daisy Werthan (Tandy) is an old Jewish women living during this time. One morning, Miss Daisy backed her car too far back, revoking her drivers license. Her son, wishing the best for her, hires a gentlemen to drive her wherever she desired. Hoke Colburn (Freeman) gladly excepts the offer. Miss Daisy however, does not take kindly to him at first, but over time, a meaningful friendship is developed.In this classic film, Morgan Freeman gives possibly the best performance of his career. His character is witty and charming, and Freeman shines in the role. Next to him is Jessica Tandy, who also gives a remarkable performance. Ultimately, the films strength comes from these two characters. As previously stated, this was a time when African American's were still viewed as lower than white men and women. This film breaks down that boundary, resulting in a heartwarming film that touches the soul."Driving Miss Daisy" is a wonderful film from start to finish. Morgan Freeman is fantastic as Mr. Hoke, giving possibly his best performance in a film. The script, story, and characters are wonderful, funny, and charming. This is a film that everyone should watch. It's an important story, full of emotion and humor. One could say it's a masterpiece, and i think you'd be right. It is a classic masterpiece, and it deserved every award it got.

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David L (au) wrote: Despite being highly amused by the snippets of all these various films in the series, I don't think I've actually sat down and watched one all the way through! That was until now, and I have to say that they didn't half do comedy better in the 80's. It's cheesy, but it's fun. Packed full of individual characters who have their own unique traits to conjure up laughs, from the amazing voices of Jones, to the prize assets of Callaghan, there is someone for everyone and we'll all no doubt develop our own personal favourite. On this occasion, we follow the team to Miami where Commandant Lassard is to be greeted with his special award before retirement. That is before he accidentally becomes involved in a jewel heist where unbeknown to him, he is taken hostage by the gangsters, whereby he helps them on the assumption it is a routine training event. Captain Harris and his bumbling deputy Proctor are keen to rescue him in order to be considered his replacement in the future, whereby the remainder of the team just wish to save him out of the loyalty and respect they hold for him, in the hope he will be allowed to remain in post. It's such an effortless movie which just goes to prove that the old ones are the best ones as it appeals to all ages in the same manner as Naked Gun and Airplane did. The fact that this is the 5th instalment proves the demand for this franchise and it's good to see all the old favourites still return for another does of slapstick laughs. Just like all the others, not one to be overlooked if you need a little cheering up :)

Greg W (us) wrote: lessor hitch but still very watchable

Jared R (ca) wrote: It will never be able to match the beauty that was Fantasia but this Movie with its creative choices should not be skipped.

Adam A (us) wrote: "Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" stuggles to climb out that blockbuster pit, with nothing really that interesting to offer but old tales you've heard a million times before.

Angee M (us) wrote: One of my favorite movies. I use lines from this movie all the time. Are you, or are you not a narc!?