An aged father and his younger, mentally challenged son have been working hard every day to keep the bathhouse running for a motley group of regular customers. When his elder son, who left years ago to seek his fortune in the southern city of Shenzhen, abruptly returns one day, it once again puts under stress the long-broken father-son ties. Presented as a light-hearted comedy, Shower explores the value of family, friendship, and tradition.

Shenzhen businessman, Da Ming, goes home to Beijing when he thinks his father has died. He finds his father hard at work at the family's bathhouse (the false message was a ruse of Da's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin L (ru) wrote: Not a fan of Dax Shepherd and I'm also upset that anyone would marry him.

Frances H (ca) wrote: Very good performance by Melissa Leo as a desperate mother trying to provide a better life for her children.

James K (jp) wrote: Anyone who is a fan of Akira Kurasowa or more recently films like When the Last Sword is Drawn and Twilight Samurai will also fall in love with this gem

Kenny G (mx) wrote: Et frste-klasses drama om Een kvinde mod systemet. Filmen gengiver en grim virkelighed og den stjernespkkede rolleliste holder dig fast i denne..

Eachan H (ru) wrote: Andrea Roth is hot! No time like "The Present"!

Kara P (us) wrote: Despite the fact that I think this shows what bad taste I have...I like this movie and I think it's freakin' hilarious.

Aisha S (us) wrote: Nice love story. Very touching.

Stephen Z (au) wrote: At this point, the Lethal Weapon franchise is as aged as its famous stars. Sure some of the action is still good, but for the most part, this film is very "been there, done that". With a confusing plot, a crowded cast, and comedy so goofy that it is borderline stupid, "Lethal Weapon 4" leaves me longing for the franchise's heyday.

Stuart P (ru) wrote: A cult hit which rollicks by. It's not a believable movie by any stretch, but the 'real time' feel is something we very rarely see.

Christopher L (au) wrote: Super-fun gory comedy from Peter Jackson. Not as glorious as "Dead Alive" but a bloody, gooey good time nonetheless.

Orlok W (br) wrote: Solid tale of murky financial enterprise and it's violent muscle--A gritty and hard-boiled adventure!!

Darren R (ru) wrote: Oh, what a magical time the Seventies were for cinema. By all rights, this should have been another lame cash-grab ape movie, but instead it's a clever little character drama. Both humorous and dark, it's a blend one wouldn't expect in a sequel to the dreadfully dull "Beneath" film, or perhaps even the original. Fine performances, a simple but effective scirpt, sharp cinematography and a moving story. Shout out to Jerry Goldsmith returning with a more pop-friendly take on his avant garde approach to scoring films.

Tim S (us) wrote: The comedy that began in The Raven continues with The Comedy of Terrors, which reunited Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, and Boris Karloff, with the addition of Basil Rathbone. Sadly, Roger Corman didn't return for this one, but we do have a prime director in charge, Jacques Tourner. The movie is a bit more bumbling and slapstick in nature than The Raven was, which is perhaps less interesting. On the other hand, the characters are a lot more interesting, especially Vincent Price's character. He rarely played overt villains, and in this one, he is a foil for Peter Lorre to play off of. The plot for the movie is also a lot more morbid than most of the Vincent Price vehicles at the time. The film was also written by Richard Matheson, who decided to take another stab (pardon the pun) at a horror comedy. It doesn't totally succeed, but you can't deny how charming and fun it is. It just doesn't measure up to a lot of the Vincent Price movies that were being released at the time. Still, it's nice to see this group of actors working together in a movie.

Keta C (gb) wrote: its so heartwarming nd exiting if u watch it u would cry laugh nd cry