Shravani Subramanya

Shravani Subramanya

An aspiring singer dreams of making it big in the music industry.

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Daniel B (mx) wrote: not worth watching,,,,

Brandon W (es) wrote: The best Toy Story movie. Whereas I really liked the first two, I LOVED the third. Andy is all grown up and is off to college. The toys haven't been played with for years and end up in a day-care. There they meet some brand new characters, face their worst fears and take part in an awesome heist to try to escape back to Andy's. Toy Story 3 has the best villain in the whole series. Sid was just a dumb kid, the Prospector just wanted to be a collector's item with Woody, Lotso the bear, now this one is pure evil. He comes across as this really adorable, huggable bear but deep down, he is a ruthless dictator of all the toys in the daycare. And worst of all, he thinks he's the good guy in all of this. The drama is more dramatic, the jokes are even funnier, the suspense is more suspenseful, and... man oh man if you don't cry at the end of this movie, you have no soul. Perfect movie!

Eliana N (it) wrote: Brittany y Dakota, genia!!!

Raine L (jp) wrote: this was a great movie of it's time, very funny. I wonder how its held up over the years

Nelson M (us) wrote: Epidemic is a surprisingly good experimental work about the nature of disease in horror films. Far better than the disease epics of today, von Trier's reflection of disease opens room for a lot of questions. While it doesn't answer everything, it does raise enough for us to keep thinking after the film is over. Mixed in with the film is the story of Dr, Mesmer which, admittedly, is the best part of the film as we see his travels throughout the story. Epidemic remains one of the stronger experimental horror films and is worth watching if you want to see something challenge your perception of horror cinema.

Anchit A (fr) wrote: awesome movie. lovely number. espescially the title track

Juan N (gb) wrote: Giannini gives one of the best performances ever captured on film.

Jerry N (jp) wrote: Witty, wacky and fun as usual. For some reason, this is still funny today. There are a couple of bad jokes here and there that are eye rolling, but it's the simplest things that are funny. It is a little uneven as there are some scenes that lag the movie down with exposition. However, it makes up for it later with it's ridiculous antics.

Robin L (gb) wrote: Fred and Ginger go Freudian; she falls in love with his psychoanalyst character when he tries to read her dreams to find out why she keeps breaking off her engagement to (of course) Ralph Bellamy. Dance sequences are solid if not as magical as in the best G&F musicals, but Ginger gets more of a chance to show off her comic chops than usual. Teaches us that if you're going to try to create a dance craze to follow The Continental and The Carioca, that a) it should be visually comprehensible and b) not called The Yam.

Wild Z (it) wrote: Painful. Painful film to watch. If you were to look at my movie collection you will notice that I like some of the cheesiest, shittiest action films ever made. But this movie is so bad that I want it erased from my memory. The only reason I can think of that anyone might enjoy this, is that it's Van Damme's first role. Sho Kosugi I love you, man... but you can't speak english worth shit.

Stuart F (ca) wrote: This film is clearly riding the Star Wars wave; Bubo the robotic owl... As a mythology movie, Clash of the Titans (1981) is decent. Amongst the plethora of '80s adventure epics though, this just doesn't stand out for me. The special effects have a charming aesthetic but the editing is rough. The bombardment of bare skin also felt a tad much for my tastes.