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Shree Krishnaparanthu


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Evan W (ca) wrote: I genuinely don't know why people didn't like this movie if they're fans of horror to be honest.

Susie H (us) wrote: "-'-. -'-. ? (R). ?~? -? " 1/4 ' ?<. ? ,~(TM)."~ " ?-. "."" ?-?"" ?-. (C) ,? ?~ ?~-. '? (TM)? ?... ? (C) ,~~ ?~-<... 1/4? ... ?! ,~-. -- (TM)? ? 1/4

Anthony L (jp) wrote: Not worth the time it would take one to put the DVD in the player.

Katie C (ag) wrote: Brad Pitt was just really good looking in this movie

Jacques O (mx) wrote: Like Aliens buts set in present times

Simptica P (ag) wrote: Sarah Watt has fought cancer, so, to me her ability to combine dry humor with turbulent humanity remains impressive. Watched this a long time ago for the first time, and it's still good the second time (on DVD). Be prepared to see you, me and them in here.

Camille L (ru) wrote: Raciste, vulgaire, mysogine, abruti, mal joue, infantile, debile et pourtant tellement jouissif, une bonne addition a la saga TAXI, si tant est qu'on aime voir des dialogues scandaleusement nuls et drole et des cascades deja depassees. Le genre de film qui se bonifie avec l'age.

Stephanie R (jp) wrote: Used to watch this one all the time growing up!

Jennifer B (nl) wrote: This was a pretty entertaining film but i found that it may be more suited to younger audiences given it?s humour & focus on dating relationships.

Samantha S (au) wrote: It seems like Goldie Hawn stars in mostly romantic movies!! Now I wanna c like all the movies she's been in:)

Andrejs P (mx) wrote: A real gritty crime drama from early 70's New York City. Maybe its not as good as French Connection, but its close. Pretty sweet soundtrack as well.

Ted W (mx) wrote: Solid survival film with a great performance by Richard Harris. It's the same tale that was made into The Revenant just recently, without the CGI bear.

Arturo L (kr) wrote: If you like to see men Hanging, Loose Women, Firing Squad Executions, and nice pictures of Burt Reynolds, this is your movie.

David S (it) wrote: A lovable, good-hearted simpleton stumbles onto the political scene, forging alliances with the financial elite and the politically prominent. He introduces himself AS a gardener, and mistakenly becomes Chauncey Gardner, an identity with no traceable record. Nevertheless, the world falls in love with Chauncey (also inaccurate, his real name being Chance). What's best of all, Chance never lies, explaining his "political stance" in terms of gardening skills and always admitting to being unable to read or write, simply caring to watch television (and always children's shows). He's just a well-intentioned, likable dimwit.

Ronnel A (kr) wrote: A tragedy that tried to leave a happy impression by the end. I found out about Rinko in Babel, liked her in Pacific Rim, and became proud of her here. A few bits of comedy sprinkled every now and then, the film hooks you in by the time she arrives in Minnesota. This is not a documentary, this is a legend.

Brahm V (de) wrote: Added half a star due to Randy Orton.

Gregory M (ru) wrote: Quite a thought-provoking and political movie. I think I chose to watch it at the most right time. It is so relevant to the current situation in the world. The thing is though, that this movie would be relevant in any given time. The writing is amazing, everything the Wachowskis write is so well-thougth and cared for. The direction is beautiful with many powerful scenes. Natalie Portman was amazing but Hugo Weaving's voice is what rules in the entire movie. I'm so glad I finally watched it, and I simply think this was the right time to do so. A very important piece of art.