Shturetz v uhoto

Shturetz v uhoto

Two young people living in the country decide to move to the big city by all means. They set off hitch-hiking, but on the road uncertainty and remorse seize them. Is that the right decision...

Two young people living in the country decide to move to the big city by all means. They set off hitch-hiking, but on the road uncertainty and remorse seize them. Is that the right decision... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Qi Z (au) wrote: An excellent war movie of "them versus us". The ethics question is asked but never answered directly.

Simon S (es) wrote: A great, and very disturbing documentary! Not everything was very clear, somethings could have been explained better.What really pisses me off, is that all you've ever heard about in school and by the sociaty, is the german consentration camps. Not a SINGLE word has ever been uttered about Unit 731. How could something like this not be important enough to talk about, when the nazi camps were?Might it be the fact, that the officers in charge of the unit never got procecuted? that the American government consealed the truth about Unit 731, in trade for the research results?Anyway, this film consists of both filmatisation, real recordings, and interviews.

Andy T (mx) wrote: Even though it is inconsistent in pacing and a better effort could have been done to trim the film down, the second half's faster pace and Rachel Weisz's captivating performance dominated and powered the film to deliver its message about the horrifying subject matter.

Janice E (us) wrote: A genuine, sensitive portrayal of gender identity, conflict, and love. Some humorous moments, many heartwrenching ones. Excellent, authentic portrayals by Tom Wilkinson and Jessica Lange.

Vatsal K (au) wrote: Hearsay, this movie was a complete copy of an English movie, but whatever it be, the movie was awesome. Hrithik's expert performance without any fuss. Preity was good. She played her romantic part at her best. A motivational and inspirational movie.

gary t (au) wrote: wow umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch...its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie...i think that anthony valentine, david ryall, derek jacobi, kenneth cranham, julian glover, james fleet, leo bill, paul bayfield, phyllida law play good roles/parts throughout this movie..i think that the director of this action/adventure/drama/war movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect thorughout this movie...its a good movie 2 watch n its a true story but its brilliant to watch

Larissa N (gb) wrote: whoopi as the coach of the ny knicks... some funny parts but she has certainly done better.

Nathan V (gb) wrote: Has one of the best movie music themes ever! I remember watching this as a young teenager and just the music itself made anyone want to be like Wong Fei-hung. This really started Li as a serious martial arts star. Early to mid 90's were Jet Li's best movies. His American movies were just crap...

Shawn W (ca) wrote: Familiar martial arts plot. An American kickboxer enters a tournament to avenge his brother's death at the hands of another kickboxer. Provides a revealing look at the popularity of acid wash jeans in the Phillippines in 1989.

Steve W (de) wrote: Action, action, and more action! This is a very ambitious martial arts action movie. The US scenes were filmed in Canada, and the Vietnam scenes filmed in the Philippines. Sammo Hung even lost 30 pounds in 3 months so he could do some of the crazy stunts and be fit enough to play a realistic soldier.Onto the movie, it's essentially The Dirty Dozen or First Blood Part 2 the Hong Kong version. There's lots of gunplay, explosions, and over the top action. There is a homage to the Deer Hunter with a russian roulette scene, as well as a traitor in their midst like in The Guns of Navarone.The best scene is saved for last, as the heroes and villains run out of ammo, resorting to martial arts to finish each other off. A showdown in the missile bunker is nicely choreographed and has a nice aesthetic, and is the film's highlight.It's Yuen Wah who steals the spotlight. He plays the villain, a General who is giggly and mousy, but excellent at martial arts. The finale pits Yuen Wah versus Yuen Biao,, and Sammo Hung up against Billy Chow (General Fujita from Fist of Legend). Chuck Norris has the Missing in Action movies, Stallone has First Blood Part II, and Eastern Condors is Sammo Hung's war/action film from the 80's. Its not to be missed.

Kyle W (kr) wrote: A real American 'Grindhouse' classic. If you watch this film and complain about lack of characterization, you are missing the point entirely. 'Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry' was never meant to show its title characters going on some grand, evolving story arch. It is all about the cars and the thrill of a the chase. In terms of old school automotive mayhem I rank this one third on my list of all time greats (right behind the original 'Gone in 60 Seconds' and 'Vanishing Point')

Peyton C (au) wrote: Predictable as it may be, the lead is too charming and Jon Voight is spectacular.