Shuang shi ji

Shuang shi ji


A mystery about a gourmet in love with two different women who winds up poisoned. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lenny R (nl) wrote: Worth seeing for the all-singing, all-dancing Danny Trejo alone.

Michael H (ag) wrote: With an obnoxiously great performance from Coogan this is a brilliant snapshot of the Manchester music scene and those who helped in building (and almost destroying) it

Alex r (ca) wrote: First sequel to 3 Ninjas offers nothing new to the series except a lot more pointless and awful entertainment. This film does nothing to be effective entertainment and is a very forgettable film. The performances are wooden, and uninteresting, and overall it fails to really entertain, and offer the viewer something thrilling to watch. As a family film, this sequel like the first film offers nothing good. The script is horrible; the cast is bad and the directing awful. 3 Ninjas Kick Back is one of the worst family films that you can watch, and it makes you wonder why they even made this trash in the first place if the first film was just as bad. This sequel is nothing new, it possesses a clichd formula that we've seen in the firs at film, and it's clear that it doesn't work. Maybe kids will enjoy this, but as someone who grew up when these films were made, I look back at these films as trash, uninspired filmmaking that doesn't work, and it simply fails to be effective, memorable entertainment. This film is pointless, the story is just not interesting and ultimately it fails to be fun. The film is far too silly to be fun, and entertaining. The only thing that you can do with this film is forget about it. This is poorly constructed entertainment and it doesn't work. Don't expect a good family film with this one, as you'll be disappointed.

Ben R (ca) wrote: Ending couldn't have been any better.....the main theme ('I'm In It For Love') has a great cover version by Jennifer Rush!

Kenny C (ca) wrote: I'll still sugest the book over the film especially since it's one of my top five favorite books.

Jimbo S (kr) wrote: I particularly enjoy the musical interludes of Harpo and (especially) Chico. But for some reason, the wise cracking of Groucho is neither wise nor cracking. In fact, he's hardly in it, and the plot hardly revolves around the other two. Despite this, there are some humourous episodes, although they weren't particularly original. Not a bad film, but could have been much better.

Carol H (ag) wrote: A forgettable, routine romantic comedy.

Kerby H (it) wrote: Though it's fairly outdated, the story is pretty strong.

Tiger L (it) wrote: The most fucked-up movie I've ever seen.