Shubh Kaamna

Shubh Kaamna

Ratan (Rakesh Roshan) is a self-styled, and rather compulsive do-gooder. His manner often alienates him from his superiors and bosses, and he often ends up getting fired. He comes across ...

Ratan (Rakesh Roshan) is a self-styled, and rather compulsive do-gooder. His manner often alienates him from his superiors and bosses, and he often ends up getting fired. He comes across ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin J (ca) wrote: i was roll on floor laughing stupid movie.

Michael D (mx) wrote: At the end of Street Kings starring Keanu Reeves the movie had come to a full conclusion, however, many people were really surprised at what great movie that one was. There didn't really seem like any need for a sequel unless it would take that character on a totally new adventure. This almost direct to video style movie is worth watching only if you're a Ray Liotta fan and like hard-boiled '70s style police movies. The movie seems rather stilted like in the script it literally said "black man gets in car, close up on car's tail, he speeds away from curb leaving trail of gas fumes and dust." I think maybe this movie suffered some poor editing. Some shots were just a character listening to the phone for whole minute saying "ok, ok" ... Rather annoying. Ray Liotta is a great actor and Shawn Hatosy is not bad at all. Both roles were not exactly flashy and flattering parts for any actor to get. You could call the glass half empty and say if it wasn't for Ray Liotta this movie shouldn't even exist. On the other hand you could say I wish Ray Liotta would just be in a better movie. Something went wrong and sloppy -- I'd have to say the direction, production and editing departments were too busy at the snack table during filming. Or maybe trying inventive ways to smoke weed out of a pringles can... Maybe both. :)

Pat M (jp) wrote: fairly decent movie that was TOTALLY RUINED by a REALLY RETARDED ending.

Ian C (gb) wrote: "You m-m-m-mmm-m-make me happy".Loads of laughs in this and excellent comic turns from Downey Jnr and Tom Cruise. McConnaghey cracked me up aswell. "You make my pee-pee maker t-t-tingle".

Ben L (nl) wrote: I had a simply delightful time with this wacky comedy. It was nice going in without knowing what to expect because I didn't have any idea what was coming next. It was fun to uncover who was doing what and why as I watched the film. This did force me to watch more closely so I sometimes put more serious thought into it instead of just laughing along. I think I might like it even more on a rewatch because I will be able to relax and enjoy the humorous ride, knowing the main plot points. The performances were all great, but Brad Pitt stood out because he was so over the top. Frances McDormand was hilarious, and her matter-of-fact delivery made it all seem weirdly realistic despite the nuttiness of everything that was happening. But my favorite scenes by far were the couple of scenes with JK Simmons. He presented such a great range that perfectly summed up all that had come before. It was awesome having those moments where everything is explained, but then I had the realization that it sounds ridiculous to an outsider (like Simmons' character) who doesn't know how it all started.The setup in the first act was probably the weakest part of the film for me. While I appreciated all the back story so that I could comprehend what was going on, it took so long for the different character stories to intersect that I wondered if it was ever coming. The second act is where things escalate for all the characters and stories start to collide. I thought the humor really picked up here and it didn't let up until the very end. I have a sneaking suspicion that, with a few more views, this could easily become my favorite Coen comedy.

Al M (es) wrote: A fun if cliche and silly slasher film....

Mike B (jp) wrote: More an indie drama than a horror movie.If the filmmakers had wanted to make a gory monster movie, the story elements would have supported it.But that's not the kind of movie they wanted to make. The problem is, that's the kind of movie a jaded audience might expect as the story unfolds. Their expectations get in the way of judging the movie for what it is.Yes, the movie could benefit from more plot, more tension. I found myself urging the characters to move it along a few times.I enjoyed the unusual camera and editing tricks, although they sometimes were used in strange places.Ultimately, I liked it. Wendigo is about mood. Fantasy vs. reality. The struggle to be a "good" person in a changing world.

Noname (fr) wrote: A comedy movie but its not many fun scenes actually. Its about Roger (from Napoleon Dynamite) and hes kinda a looser and nothing work out for him. So he begin in a school where he teachs/learns to be a better man and dare more in his life. Billy Bob Thorton plays the tricky teacher and we see a small role with Ben Stiller aswell. Overall a decent movie but not as funny i thought it should be.

Dave B (ca) wrote: So much fun. Linnea Quigley and her pornographic demon lipstick. So much fun. Evil Dead 2 Lite