Shubhalagnam ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

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Shubhalagnam torrent reviews

Luis Diego R (jp) wrote: Repressive societies are something I will never understand, no matter how open-minded I consider myself to be.Sibel Kekilli delievers a wonderful performance in this tragic story.

Ava L (es) wrote: I love this movie. If you are hoping for a realistic depiction of the field of journalism, business, and addiction, this movie is not for you. However, the one thing that it IS, is a lot of fun. The very Elle Woods-esque hero, Rebecca Bloomwood, stumbles into a job at a finance magazine in her pursuit to her dream job at a successful fashion magazine. All while, ironically, cooping with her ever-apparent shopping addiction, and building dept. You won't find a complex story line, or suspenseful twists and turns in this movie, but as light entertainment it is on par. The script is just cheesy enough to be adorable, without any overkill, and it is delivered with an excellent cast, which includes Isla Fisher and Krysten Ritter. This movie is also a perfect choice if you are looking for something more family friendly that won't make you want to claw your eyeballs out. Definitely one of my faves!

Javier H (ru) wrote: Por favor hagan secuela(s) de esta pelcula.

Seher K (es) wrote: there is something in this movie which keeps me wanting to watch it over and over. Not a single time have I been able to watch it in one go, but the bits and pieces have always kept me longing to see in wholly and in isolation. worth watching performances.

Adriano B (us) wrote: A terminal cancer stage anti-hero vs a negotiator super-cop: it's the stuff of great action flicks from Hollywood, fun and tense, with carismatic leads. Time well spent.

John B (mx) wrote: Another great Kiarostami visual that is brought all the more home by the wonderful glimpse of a funeeral in rural Iran. Another masterpiece from a master.

Ryan K (it) wrote: A few good laughs - but we'll take it.

James H (es) wrote: Very silly, but also entertaining and funny. Claudia Christian has a field day in her role and is great. It's nothing deep, but for me it worked.

Lee B (ca) wrote: Not one oof my favortites from Godard, although I did pull away some beautiful quotes from it, and there were some beautiful beautiful shots in this film. Especially the shot of Mary putting on her lip stick. I think it may have been to long for what it was, too.

Giovanni T (au) wrote: reminds me of a more eccentric wildstyle

Ming Siu G (mx) wrote: The violence is nowhere near as transgressive nowadays, and is really quite dull in retrospect, filled with awful acting and dialogue. The scenes remind me of working in cheap TV shows, where the scene calls for lots of spectacle, yet the production doesn't have the budget to deliver that. (And the animal violence doesn't bother me hugely, but it is rather unnecessary)

Ashley H (de) wrote: Each Dawn I Die is an excellent film. It is about reporter Frank Ross is found guilty of murder and is sent to jail. James Cagney and George Raft give incredible performances. The screenplay is well written. William Keighley did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama and mystery. Each Dawn I Die is a must see.

Emmanuel S (ca) wrote: 'Blazing Saddles' may not be as politically correct in this day and age, but that was the point when it debuted and it's still damned funny.

Dax S (mx) wrote: Not terrible, but not amazing either.

Sandi M (kr) wrote: Ahhh, the memories!!!! :)