Shucking the Curve

Suzanne Fountain moves to NYC and plummets headlong into a twisted wonderland.

Suzanne Fountain moves to NYC and plummets headlong into a twisted wonderland

Shucking the Curve is the best great movie of Jim Dwyer, Todd Verow. This movie was introduced in 1998. There are many actors in this movies torrent, such as Bonnie Dickenson, Leanne Whitney, Bil Dwyer, Eric Sapp, Brenda Velez, Paul Du Hoffman, Devery Doleman, Tatsuia Ito, Keith Levy, Craig Chester, Jared DuBrino, Todd Verow, Eric H. Alexander, Gyu Abe, Philly. The kind of movie are Drama. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 8 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Brianna W (jp)

but I prefer the film on mute. . . Style inspiration

Cliff G (ca)

You'll want those 95 minutes of your life back. Good acting, plot dreary and slow

Eleanor R (br)

Another one of my all time favorites!! I love Rodger and Hammerstein!!!

FilmGrinder S (br)

f!"-Sean Archer (Nick Cage). . . "Face. What I thought was going to be a fluffy Redbox movie, turned out to be a darkly funny exploitation flick that delivers with the gore and shocks. I can think of hundred films worse then this flick. Johnson) First off, for those of you who are on the "this is the worst movie ever" trend, you need to see more movies. Mengele (Christopher K. "-Dr. "He's not our blood, but he can be

Kate M (mx)

rls can be so mean. . . . . . i love it it is so true

Nate S (es)

Unimaginative, and a massively wasted opportunity to really do something great with a kinda cool premise. I didn't bother to finish it. Not even remotely funny, and the first fart/poop gag came within a few minutes

Nicole G (gb)

' A few more of these and the world might just start collectively lobbing nukes. One of those movies Wikileaks posted about whose entire purpose was to 'repair israel's image

Teddy H (au)

It's my all time favorite. I Love This Movie

Zachary D (nl)

wful just watch the original!!!. This movie sucks worst in the franchise and easily the 2nd worst horror film I've EVER seen next to the psycho remake! The best part was the end with Sally