Shudra the Rising

Shudra the Rising


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Christopher B (nl) wrote: Had high hopes. Just ok in my opinion.

Vincent B (it) wrote: Hierro est un peu le film annonciateur (aprs la purge Aparecidos) de la fin du rgne hispanique sur le cin (C)ma de genre. Le r (C)al est loin d'tre un manchot (les images sont trs belles), mais l'intrigue est tellement convenue et pr (C)visible que a en devient gnant.

Adrian B (fr) wrote: Very well made drama in which Regina Giddens (Bette Davis) is the centre of attention in her mansion in which her and several others, all close friends and relatives of the family, want after her husband, Horace's (Herbert Marshall), fortune, since his health deteriorating. At the same time, their daughter Alexandria (Teresa Wright) is trying to court a boy, who is also interested in the fortune concealed by her father. Unfortunately, things begin to crash when Regina decides to aid the death of process of Horace a little faster. Nice dialogue, fine acting, especially by Davis, and another gem by director William Wyler. Once again, here is a film under this master that has sadly fallen into the shadows for unknown reasons.

Ben A (it) wrote: A film that is so lesbian charged and sexual, I kept checking channel I was watching to make sure it wasn't porn. However, it hooks you in, and is quite a revealing look at how women actually talk when there are no men around. (And yes girls, it is no secret you all talk like sex crazed truckers when alone). Almost feminist in its core, the amount of skin and sex talk these beautiful women expound will certainly piss off actual feminists and lure in men to enjoy the plot. Emmanuelle Chriqui is jaw dropping hot, and it suprises me she is not in more films. All in all it's a girl power movie, where every male character is a bad guy abusing a woman, a bad guy paying women for kinky sex, a bad guy cheating on his wife, a bad guy seducing a flight attendant who is engaged to be married..but it keeps you interested and has some fun laughs.

Bee C (ag) wrote: The plot was good. The actors were ok, pretty decent lah. They should pitch this show... to maybe Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise (MWAHHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAH!!! THE MAGS WOULD HAVE A FIELD DAY ON THAT ONE!) Anyway I love the plot lah. There were a few scenes which I thought was HILARIOUS LAH!! but i know they were not intended to be so, esp the near end scene when there's a big burly mexican who came to seek revenge. It was such a LAME scene....I had to laugh out loud!

Miguel R (nl) wrote: With a strong performance by Don Cheadle, Hotel Rwanda is a heart-rending story based on the massacre in Rwanda

Blake H (mx) wrote: Watching Live aus Berlin was my first time seeing Rammstein performe live, and I must say they kick some major ass. They play almost all the songs from their first two albums plus a nice slow song called Wilder Wein. Rammstein put on a very entertaining and at some points hillarious stage show. My only problem with this dvd is that the editing is a little too fast and their are pointless crowd shots aplenty. GERMAN INDUSTRIAL METAL FOR LIFE!

John R P (ca) wrote: I normally expect good performances by Gary Oldman and Theresa Russell, who play the roles of Martin and Linda respectively. The storyline had me a little curious, so I watched it on a web-TV based channel. I must say that as the movie progressed, I had increasingly more difficulty keeping straight in my mind what was supposed to be real and what was supposed to be the product of the two key characters' schizophrenia. Both Oldman and Russell were experiencing hallucinations and the editing (intentionally I'm sure) did not make it easy to determine when we are seeing real moments or imagined ones; off course, some of these moments were clearly in the realm of fantasy. I concluded rather quickly that this was going to be a very confusing story. The characters of Oldman and Russell had serious psychological issues, which as best as I can tell were clouding heavily their judgement, and making them lose their grasp with reality. They are brilliant playing their mad characters and that was bout all I enjoyed about the film. Christopher Lloyd (Dr. Henry Henry-not a typo), among the sanest of the key players, in the role of Russell's husband, had entirely different psychological issues, one of which dealt with a sex fetish his nurse (played by Sandra Bernhard) was quick to assist him with. Dr. Henry's total disinterest with his wife Linda, one who had a healthy sexual appetite for a sultry and good looking wife, was enough to drive the teetering spouse into an unhealthy mental state (I'm no medical specialist but common sense is a pretty good foundation for such opinion). Oldman is the long lost son of Russell, so when the two of them go at it (enthusiastic fornicating) a few times, I immediately thought Freud's dissertation about what the troubled PhD. termed Oedipus complex, needed a new chapter and so would academic papers on incest. The only character in the movie that had her head straight, was played by Colleen Camp (the neighbor Arlanda); it's thanks to her I found the words for my review summary Ball of Confusion. A word on T. Russell; if you want to see a terrific performance by her, watch 'Black Widow', a movie that was released a year before Track 29. I can't recommend this movie, I really can't

Joe H (ru) wrote: I watched it again last month. I noticed all the skiers wore the old fashion clothes (in 1984). Go skiing for fun!

Scott C (nl) wrote: An extremely memorable comedy. Michael Keaton was terrific. And, man, whatever happened to Teri Garr - such an attractive leading lady! I'm finding it hard to recall whyI didn't give it a higher rating.

Bryon M (it) wrote: Utter Eurotrash but entertaining all the same. Great atmosphere and a wicked pace that will never bore you. The special effects are garbage but still carry a certain z-grade charm. The last half of the movie is all over the place and you'll be laughing and getting goosebumps all the same. It may not make sense but at least all involved were having fun making this.

Clyde L (it) wrote: I loved this movie at the time.

Mark T (us) wrote: okay, david, you get ONE of these

James C (fr) wrote: embarrassing attempt at scfi comedy, jokes constantly miss the mark dreadfully filmed, would maybe be passable in live theatre

Valeria P (fr) wrote: Al Pacino did a great job as the ridiculously washed out rock star. The movie, however, is a bit predictable and never soars above being just an ok piece of entertainment.

Gary B (ru) wrote: not what it should of been but still ok to watch

Shahid K (de) wrote: What a fantastic movie. Very emotional but a great story and an awesome film