Shui quan guai zhao

Shui quan guai zhao

After being beaten by some thugs, police officer Chin Tai Ba (Leung Kar Yan) learns the Sleeping Fist style from martial arts master Chung Yiu (Yuen Siu Tin). After mastering his training, ...

A plainclothes policeman, Chin Tai Ba (Leung Kar Yan), is seriously wounded in a fight with some ruffians but is helped to safety by a young wiseguy, Cub (Wong Yat Lung). Here he is taught the art of Sleeping Fist by Cub's master Chung Yiu (Simon Yuen Siu Tin), and the trio march to the Shang Wei martial arts school to take revenge on the thugs. However, in a last desperate attempt to get even, the gang call on Eagle Claw master Kao (Kao Hsiung) to sort out the snoozers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mari C (kr) wrote: Super funny! - very nice movie.. :)

Wes S (fr) wrote: A slow, dull, pointless, bad excuse to film porn, and of course it's from The Asylum. It's sickening and ever so boring, and gets incredibly stupid. A complete waste of time.

Zachary S (es) wrote: I don't know why everyone shuns this film. Maybe it's not a great sequal to the horror film 'Ringu,' but it is not a bad film--it's great on its own. In fact, the film is much better than the alternative sequal 'Ringu 2.' It feels like an extended episode of CSI mixed with The X Files. The storyline is a bit odd at times, but if you know anything about asain horror films, you know that they all suffer from awkward and obscure storylines--this one is no different. But the point is, 'Rasen' is not just the same recycled formula as the other two 'Ringu'-- it actually gives Sadako a goal and a reason for doing what she does besides the "she's evil and wants revenge" cliche. The entire idea of being born again with all the memories of the previous life in tact was magnificent, much more intellectual than anything found in the other 'Ringu' films.

Ills G (br) wrote: Pasolini's warmest and most emotional work. Magnani's performance is the weakest part of the film, but in every other terms, Mamma Roma is Pasolini's best motion picture.

Akramul i (ca) wrote: The first hour: brotherhood!The rest: how a woman, possibly a femme fatale, could break up the best of brothers apart and how much brothers need each other.

Cris B (ag) wrote: One of Gary Cooper's final films, They Came to Cordura touches upon some meaningful points about courage and cowardice. Coop plays one of his definitive roles--a man with convictions, haunted by a past, and attempting to atone for past weakness. Rita Hayworth is always stunning, and here, she plays a feisty and passionate, albeit injured, woman, a role that plays well against Cooper's. The semi-psychological Western, at times, unfolds like a reality show "test" to see how "true heroes" degrade themselves when they've nothing left of which to aspire. Van Heflin, Dick York, and Tab Hunter, among a few others, play notable roles and hold their ground against the silent-but-strong Cooper and the plucky and intelligent Hayworth. The last twenty minutes or so especially reveals much about Janus-faced human nature we so often hope to forget.

Sathi S (ca) wrote: Live your dash with happiness & love!

Brett H (nl) wrote: A disturbing cautionary horror tale with an insanely original villain and actual intelligent adult characters instead of disposable teenagers. The story (based faithfully on the novel) is very simple, but the tension runs high IMMEDIATELY after arriving at the "Ruins" and the audience is plunged into a grisly survival story with some shocking violence. Once the cast of familiar faces understands why they are stuck there, everything clicks and the real horror of their predicament surfaces. Using vines and flowers as the antagonist is creepy enough when the characters have to pull them out of their bodies, but once they start mimicking their voices to manipulate the others, it's chilling to the bone. It's a bloody, well-acted, intelligent thriller that'll have you covering your eyes in disgust and being thankful you're not in their situation.