Shui yue shi san dao

Shui yue shi san dao

A roving swordsman known as Snowy White has in his possession the much sort after 13 Moon Sword, Anyone who manages to defeat him in combat may own the sword and take a high position in the martial world.

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Camille L (br) wrote: Deux scenes interessantes ne suffisent pas a rendre un film, terriblement long, bon. JAN KOUNEN realise un film boursoufle, trop plein, insignifiant au mieux, insupportable au pire et a l'esprit pseudo-nihiliste vraiment penible. Pas grand chose a sauver si ce ne sont PATRICK MILLE et NICOLAS MARIE.

David T (ca) wrote: Once again, the kiddies might find this exciting whiles those who liked parts 1 and 2 might not. In some ways better than Halloweentown High, then again parts of that were better than this. In honesty, the whole series is great family fun to watch during the Halloween season.

John T (de) wrote: I liked it. An evil hospital. Cutting you open when you're paralyzed. Good stuff.

Harry W (us) wrote: A sturdy reprisal of an all too familiar premise and subtle, above-par performances are both pulverised into a pulp of annoying special effects and a boring and depressing tone. The film starts good and wobbles slightly towards a satisfactory conclusion.

MF J (fr) wrote: An interesting and sexy French thriller, well shot, well written and acted by some excellent actors. a nice summer surprise.

Kyle M (fr) wrote: While there are offensive jokes on racial stereotypes taking a third of the film's atmosphere, the rest of the space is the enjoyment with a nice cast consisting Steve Martin bringing most of the hilarity and Queen Latifah doing some hilarity whilst representing the resolving heart. Also in the cast is Eugene Levy supporting the duo and Betty White in a minor role enhancing the casting choices.Also to note is that the film started with a tribute of "You've Got Mail," and started doing a little satirizing for a bit during the exposition. This is sort of a preview of shifting tones that was done during the third branch of the screenplay. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Michael R (br) wrote: Crazies Kinda Love Story...

Mesha R (ca) wrote: Genius. Infuriating to watch though I might add, but excellent.

Brian H (gb) wrote: Harvey Keitel's performance in what could have been a minor role made this movie a lifetime favorite for me. And it instantly made Keitel one of my favorite actors. Demi Moore was good too. And the writing, for what the movie was, sure did grab me.

John N (au) wrote: Fantastic! Tarantino used a scene in Death Proof

Alex r (ru) wrote: More often than not, there are several obscured horror gems that have been long since forgotten and in the case of Frogs, that's very much the case. There has been several movies featuring killer creatures and it spawned an entire genre of horror commonly known as Nature gone wild. As cheesy as this film is, there is a tense atmosphere that lingers over the movie and it adds to the tone of the movie. Acting wise there are no standout performances, but the cast do a good job with a decent script. This is the type of film that is designed for pure mindless fun and in that respect, it does that very well. The film is flawed, but is pure fun from start to finish. If you love low budget horror flicks, then this is a must see movie. The plot is ridiculous, however it works due to the fact that these genre films tend to display in deadly ways that is sure to peak the interest of the viewer. Killer frogs, you ask? Well, how entertaining can it be or how amusing can a film like this be. The answer is, quite entertaining, if you're in the mood for some cheesy killer creature entertainment. One of the film's highpoints is the dark, ominous score by Les Baxter. Frogs is so bad it's good entertainment that should be seen by horror enthusiasts. If you're in the mood for a silly good time, give Frogs a viewing as it is among the most original killer creature films I've seen. Be warned however, this is not a film that will win any awards, but is sure going to entertain you if you enjoy these types of films. With a chilling atmosphere, Frogs is one of the most underrated films in the nature gone wild genre and it should be rediscovered by horror fans simply for its camp value.

Andrew M (de) wrote: What a great movie! So true. Everything we have in this world is just like sand and fog...

E L (de) wrote: Straight to the point vamp-busting. Simplistic, but funny enough to while away the hour.

Gabriel K (fr) wrote: I understand the message the director is conveying, but the movie is rather tedious and I just couldn't get into it (especially the "heaven's workers" using cheap props to film the memories... perhaps this was intended as a joke but it made me cringe). I liked the concept of having to choose your best memory, just not the movie itself.

Kiara Z (ca) wrote: I thought this movie was sheer Genius. Life is fragile and this movie helped me appreciate the intimate moments we share with one another and how quickly one can face their own mortality.