Shuto Kôsoku toraiaru 2

Shuto Kôsoku toraiaru 2


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Shuto Kôsoku toraiaru 2 torrent reviews

Josh E (fr) wrote: A decent film but that's about it. Nowhere near the standard the reviews suggest. Some good acting, especially from Casey Affleck. However, the film is so slow and never really materialises. I feel robbed by the ending. I literally only watched this because of the reviews and now I feel lied to.

WS W (kr) wrote: So disappointing. Lousy (back & forth), imbalanced, boring narrative. If I were the director/writer, I would not have killed Kristin Scott Thomas' witchy character off in the middle of the film since she's the best one in the whole feature! Ludivine Sagnier has tried very hard but she was somehow miscast.

Terry M (ca) wrote: Comments: BEAUTIFUL...JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! Louis Malle's final film is, at it's most basic, a run through/ rehearsal of David Mamet's translation of Anton Chekhov's UNCLE VANYA under the direction of Andre Gregory. But this gorgeous film ends up being SO much more than just a documentation of a performance/rehearsal of a play. It truly is an example of how beautiful art/life can be. (that may sound pretentious...but it's true!)You do not have to be a Chekhov fan (as I most certainly am!!!) to enjoy this valentine of a film. Wallace Shawn makes a PERFECT Vanya and Julianne Moore is luminous as Elena...the rest of the cast is equally remarkable as well!

Derek D (es) wrote: It's like The French Connection 1 1/2, with Roy Scheider in a sort-of remake of his F.C. role only this time without Gene Hackman to steal scenes. It's an interesting film about a group of ruthless cops who do whatever it takes to apprehend criminals and get results doing it. The car chase is probably my favorite in the history of cinema, better than Bullit maybe? Definitely worth a viewing.

Codie E (de) wrote: One of the best films ever made about doomed relationships. The film works so well because its lead characters are just 'children', we can never take their romance too seriously but at the same time completely buy the state they get themselves into. This is helped by Rutger Hauer and Monique Van De Ven's brilliant and fearless performances, always willing to go with Paul Verhoeven's liberal sensibilities, sexual obsessions and at times poor taste, but the film is all the better for it.

Gunpowder B (ag) wrote: Everything you should expect from a big-budget, 90s niche-fear thriller, from the convenient plot demands that perfectly mirror the characters' capabilities to cheesy animatronic beasts, it would be irresponsible to hold what Arachnophobia isn't, funny, scary, or realistic, against it's big picture reliability.

Aaron B (es) wrote: Subtle yet superb performances, the Director puts on a clinic in meticulous character development. Develops slowly but packs a pretty good emotional punch at its climax. I love these types of stories where the line between protagonist and antagonist are blurred, this one kept my gears turning long after the credits. Reminded me a lot of 2009's Fish Tank. Very well done. Only complaint may have been a couple small plot holes, but nothing major.