When two friends return from a girls weekend vacation in Mexico, they find themselves stranded at the airport. Trying to get home safely, they board an airport shuttle for the short trip. But once their feet cross the threshold of the shuttle, a night that had started like any other turns terrifying, and the ride home becomes a descent into darkness.

The movie follows a late night airport shuttle ride home as it descends into darkness. What's going on and where are they headed? Guns, knives, chains, a tattoo, and medication play in the resolution. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John H (es) wrote: Watched this yesterday afternoon. SOme of the acting is a little dubious, but overall it's a pleasant tale of coming of age.

Nikhil S (gb) wrote: Sure its slow paced but it is a gripping documentary about black metal and events that took place around it. If your into black metal, you should really check this out.

Spencer S (kr) wrote: There are many lovely things about this indie darling from screenwriter Angus MacLachlan and director Phil Morrison, and many little things that make it the obviously trying too hard quirky film everyone thinks it is. These little things amount to very little, as previously stated. It's mostly details, including the strange artist living in the middle of nowhere, painting slightly racist, obviously crazy paintings, and the strange and yet overt religious overtones. The anachronistic feeling of the film is lent to the setting for the film which is in the very rustic, Bible thumping South, complete with characters that are stuck in the past as well. Besides the family looking backwards to find their convictions, they're also far from the keen eye of outsiders. A family, (Wilson and Weston as the parents) seemingly separated from people outside of their community, await the birth of a new baby while lamenting the lost life of their son. He is married to his high school sweetheart, and remains repressed thanks to his own despair towards his own life. His brother, George, (Nivola) marries an extreme outsider, who does love the man, but resembles someone else entirely from themselves. The person who steals the entire show remains Amy Adams, and it's in the first couple of seconds onscreen that you understand why she was nominated for an Academy Award. The character of Ashley is bubbly, always trying too hard, and always wants the best for the future. Though her circumstances are inevitably going to get worse when her baby arrives, she believes that it will bring her and her husband together once more. It's definitely an actor's movie, and though Adams does steal the show, every single person in this film comes off genuine and interesting. Embeth Davidtz, who plays the main character, Madeleine, is very engaging if flawed, but she is also playing someone who is seemingly soft-hearted. It has some problems overall, but it's definitely worth watching, and it is strangely entertaining to see a family collapse without a leader.

Jake V (au) wrote: Some mild pacing problems, but this movie stands as a more approachable action-packed version of Fahrenheit 451. Gun Kata and a few quotable quotes anchor this movie as a cult classic.

Bobby L (ca) wrote: Not as good as Nightmare Before Christmas, especially musically, but still a fun movie. Perfect for halloween viewing. Visually stunning, and instantly likeable characters. Certainly an original story, but some of the progression was not very well fleshed out, and left me with more questions than answers. I guess I just would have liked more depth. Still definitely one that was worth watching.

Bonnie W (ca) wrote: This was an excellent movie, sad and sweet.

Martin L (ag) wrote: another all time favorite. didn't expect anything when i went to see it, and was blown away. the plot should be depressing, but there is a strong somehow humanist vibe in it.

Lisa S (nl) wrote: The worst of the Sleepaway Camp movies, this one shows you why they should never make more than three movies in a horror series. This film is a really routine 80s slasher, Angela just plain kills everyone. The dialogue is horrendous, the kills are lame, and the characters are stereotypes. The first two movies were creative, fun, and scary, but this last movie doesn't fill any of those roles.

Jake A (mx) wrote: With stunning animation and impressive design work on Neo-Tokyo this is a gleefully violent and action packed anime that has a solid score and a plot that for the most part is engrossing though it somewhat lost me towards the end with how frenetic it got while dealing with several characters at the same time but besides that this is an excellent film and also my first anime film which now has me intrigued about the whole genre.

Art S (gb) wrote: A long prelude to the actual heist shows us how all the players came to be "in the red circle" at the same time -- Delon just out of jail, Volonte escaping arrest by Bourvil, and Montand in bed with the DTs but ready to go cold turkey. The heist itself is methodically plotted (and shot). The denouement brings all the vectors together (yes, in the red circle), as Bourvil makes his move. In fact, in this film, Melville seems to spend as much time detailing the cop's position as he does (as is his wont) the crook's. Everyone, on both sides, is tough and cool -- they don't blink, they just get on with it, even when shit happens. Red circles appear now and again, but the film is primarily blue and gold. Probably the fourth best Melville film (after Le Samourai, Le Doulos, and Army of the Shadows), but still great.

Matt M (jp) wrote: An American scientist and his fiance assistant are drawn into a web of espionage behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. Hitchcock tried to give this film a more natural and less studio-like look though an impending sense of melancholia and by going back to his trademark romantic espionage storyline roots. However, the script is sometimes tedious and not the brightest of his filmography, that with this film had reached number 50. Newman and Andrews were at the height of their career around this time, but feel somewhat miscast.

Rafael C (ru) wrote: I did not expect that I liked the movieGood

Tanner M (de) wrote: A perfect movie for October viewing. This movie tells some great tales. Except for one story. The Red Ridding Hood werewolf story wasn't creepy at all. On the good side the murderous principal story was epic though. Another problem I spotted was how we get no explanation on the charecter Sam. He's just there for no reason until the end. Hopefully this gets explained in a sequel.